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    File make Software Multi OS Capability



      File make Software Multi OS Capability



      if i develop software with file maker on a mac will it work on windows ? and is it form based or web based ?


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          Wikipedia Article about Filemaker


          • * = Both FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Pro Advanced (Developer Edition  in v4-6) ..or.. FileMaker Server / FileMaker Server Advanced

          FileMaker files are compatible between Mac and Windows. File type  extensions are

          • .fm since FileMaker Pro 2.0
          • .fp3 since FileMaker Pro 3.0
          • .fp5 since FileMaker Pro 5.0
          • .fp7 since FileMaker Pro 7.0, (including FileMaker Pro 11.0) 
            • Indicates Standard and Advanced

          Self running applications (runtime, kiosk mode) are  platform specific only.

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            Note that while the files created on one system may be opened and used on the other, there are small platform differences between the two filemaker applications and operating systems that can affect what you get.

            In particular, windows systems require a bit more space to display the same text as a mac system so layout text and fields on a layout created on a mac may need small adjustments to eliminate some undesirable clipping or text wrapping when viewed on a windows system.

            The  two platforms also manage windows slightly differently and this can result in differences in appearance/behaviour when scripts that use the new window command to pop up small floating windows execute. These scripts can be designed to identify the platform and make adjustments to minimize the differences.

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              ok so when i develop an application on a mac and want to deploy it to windows will it be compiled to .exe or what will happen ?

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                You have a database file ( or 2 or 3 or more...) and an application file. Just like you can write a letter in MS Word and save it to your disk to get a Word file (your letter) and also have the Word (application) installed that was used to create it.

                If you create a database in a Mac, you can move the database file to a windows computer that already has the filemaker database application installed. The windows application (which is an .exe file) can then open the database file (which is an .fp7 file) on that computer. Just like you can take your letter in MS Word and open it on another computer if it also has MS Word installed.

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                  so if i buy a license for FileMaker Pro, each computer that will run my application will need a license for FileMaker ?

                  and this includes my windows computers ?

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                    just to add details to my last question, here we have 2 scenarios a business solution that will work over network or internet, and a personal solution whats the answer in both cases ?

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                      The answer is that "it depends". It depends on exactly how you choose to deploy your system and that will be driven by cost and capability requirements.

                      You can "publish" a filemaker database to the web. That uses either Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or custom web publishing ( CWP).

                      You can install your filemaker files on a machine running filemaker server and use it to host files that others, with filemaker Pro installed, connect to. This same server could also publish to the web---though IWP requires Fillemaker server advanced to support many more users than just using filemaker Pro to publish the databse via IWP (5 users at one time).

                      You can also use filemaker advanced to create "runtime" solutions. Runtime solutions include a crippled copy of the database application. Your users can't use it to create new database designs nor can they share files via networking and have a few other limitations as well.

                      To learn more, I suggest going to filemaker's product information pages and doing some reading up on the features of each as there's more detail there than I can easily fit into a response to your post here in the forum.