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File Maker 5 and trouble pulling data

Question asked by DarrellRaines on Jun 22, 2009
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File Maker 5 and trouble pulling data


Ok folks, I need a little help with a client of mine.  They are a small business that runs an ecommerce site.  The ecommerce site sends all orders to a server at their location (Mac running filemaker 5 server) and then multiple PCs running filemaker 5 and filemaker 6.


The problem is the only machine that has ever been able to pull the new orders from the server was a small mac (g3 or G4 I think) which was fried during a lightning strike a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, they have not been able to pull new orders from the web.


I have checked the machines that are still up and running (all windows XP) and they can process the data or at least act like it, but can't actually pull the data.  With the mac gone, I need to get one of the other machines to pull the data.  Is this possible and has anyone ever seen anything like this?


Please tell me someone here can help with this problem.