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File Maker Assistance Wanted for Non Profit in Haiti

Question asked by NickStolberg on Jan 9, 2012
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File Maker Assistance Wanted for Non Profit in Haiti



My Name is Nick Stolberg and I am the field director for an infant care center in northern Haiti.  About 3 months ago I built my first database in FMP11.  It has Revolutionized how we operate as an organization, from Medical Charts, to development, to communit programs, we are able to track all of our programs in one place.  I am working now to build 2 other databases for our organization.  The next one that I am working on is to keep track of scheduling of our employees and payroll.  This database has a few scripts that are a bit beyond me.  I am looking for someone who would like to help us out with some technalities now and then.  I am not asking you to build a database, or do any design or layouts, but to simply help me out occasionally on some scripts and functionality.  If you would be willing to volunteer your time it would be amazing!


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