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File Maker mobile does not sync properly.

Question asked by saw_1 on Jan 16, 2009


File Maker mobile does not sync properly.


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1.    AllchangesmadeonmydesktopdatabaserecopiedtomyT3database.  However, noneofthechangesImakeonmyT3getcopiedtothedesktopdatabase. Thisincludeschangingexistingrecordsorcreatingnewrecords.


2.    IammigratingmyFileMakerdatabasetomynewiMac



  • My old system was an old G4 tower 667Mhz runningMac OS X 10.39, FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker 8, and Palm desktop for syncing.




  • My new system is the latest iMac Intel processorMac OS X 10.5.6, FileMaker Pro 9.0v3, FileMaker Mobile 8.01.29, and MissingSync 6.0.4.




  • FileMaker Mobile is certified to run on an Intelbased processor and is Rosetta compatible. The database is data compatible withPro7, Pro 9, and Mobile 8.




  • I copied the old database file calledcompositions.fp7onto my new system.




  • I set the syncing actions in Missing Sync tosynchronize files for FileMaker Mobile 8. When I did this, I got warning from Missing Sync thatthe FileMaker Mobile 8 conduit may not be designed to run on my system.




  • I added the copied database to the FileMakerMobile desktop application, and I configured the syncing actions in FileMakerMobile Settings dialog box to All User, Bi-directional, All records, andDuplicate records accordingly.




  • TheSpecified Fields.. “ in FileMaker MobileSettings dialog box were exactly the same as they were on the old system.



3.    Ididchangetheprotectiononthedatabasefileonmydesktoptoread & writeprivilegesforeveryonethinkingthatmayhavebeentheproblem.








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