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File Maker Pro 10: Uploading from Excel and automatically sorting into layouts?

Question asked by JuliaAlvarez on Mar 8, 2013


File Maker Pro 10: Uploading from Excel and automatically sorting into layouts?


The task at hand is figuring out a way to automatically sort flight information so that it takes the information from the "All Data" Layout (with different fields of information for many people who may have to take more than one flight in order to get here) and it gives the user the option of choosing a different layout that show information for only arrivals at each nearby arriving city (i.e.: BOS, PVD, and Amtrack) and departures at each nearby arriving city(total of 6 additional layouts to the "All Data" Layout), and then sorts them by first day, then arrival time. 

There are two particular tricky aspects to this:
1) It must be able to automatically update the past information when a new excel sheet is uploaded(not sure how to do this, bonus positive karma your way if someone knows how to automatically update if a file is changed), as flight information is going to most probably be changing a few times for multiple people, and I will be re-adjusting the excel file multiple times over the course of two months. The new uploaded mass excel sheet will still have the same list of names, just some with perhaps new flight times.

2) There is other flight information that is not relevant, including some fields that are not important for the project, and rows that do not need to be included in the sorting (for example: for arrivals, a person may be flying first from India to London, then London to Boston, but I only need to include the London to Boston in a sorting; the India to Boston row does not need to be sorted into anything).


Here are the fields (not able to capture the "name of person" field, but that is also there.