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File Maker pro 7 help needed....!

Question asked by tharakadr on Jun 14, 2009
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File Maker pro 7 help needed....!



    IM new to filemaker pro..! I'm using filemaker pro 7 version in my office an currently I'm trying to develop evaluation DB by using it. I almost finished certain amount of this task and I need help for rest of the process. Some body please help for following issues please.


    1. I want to calculate sum of the selected records which consist of person's marks. For example, following is the sample table.

           e#   Marks

          001      50

          003      60

          004      10

          001      55

          001      90

                           I Want to calculate sum of the marks which contain e#="001"( calculate sum where e#="001")

        can some body tell me how to do this..?


    2. I want to enter same value to two different layouts. 

          I have two layouts. One cosist of field called "A" and button called "XY".

          and second layout I have field called "B".


          when Click "XY" I want to automatically  go to the second layout and show the "A" Value in "B" Field..! I Know to do this , I want to               create Script. But I don't know how to do this. Please somebody please help me....!





regards from

Tharaka D Ranasinghe.