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File Maker Pro and GUIs/Templates

Question asked by barryh on Dec 10, 2009
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File Maker Pro and GUIs/Templates


I am a UNIX admin but have been given the job to sort out a problem with FileMaker Pro so forgive me if I

get the terminolgy incorrect.


My client has an instance of what was FileMaker Pro 4.1 which was setup so that the office staff

could keep a register of office files.

No doubt an admin account was created but the only account the staff have access to is one called guest.

This account lets the staff create a register of office files using a GUI, which is all that

the software was configured to do.

Well times have changed, they have since upgraded to XP sp2 and Filemaker pro 7.0v3

now they want to be able to query against the database but the current permissions don't allow this.


I have tried all of the password recovery techniques I have found on this forum but haven't been able 

to recover the admin password. As this is a govt site I haven't gone looking to buy a password

recovery tool as this would be my last resort as there would be to much red tape to get to use it.


I have been able to export the database into a CSV file with the intention of importing it back into

a new db and fixing up the permissions, access and correctly recording the passwords.


Only issue here is that they are using a GUI to populate the required fields for their 

file regestry db.

I can import the db back into FileMaker but cannot find out how to associate the db to the

original GUI.


I haven't been able to find this GUI either on the web or in their software repositry.

From research it appears this GUI is somehow attached to the db so if I need to update or

change servers it is just a matter of copying the db file to the new server.

If needed I can create a new db and have the users re-enter the data manually back into 

the db. From research I believe the GUI may have been called 'Business Template'


My questions are:

a) is the GUI associated with the software or database?

b) if I reimport the data back into another database is it possible to associate the database to the GUI?

c) if the GUI is in another location what would the file extension be so that I may find it.

d) how do I associate the GUI to the new db?


Once this is done they want to be able to upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker Pro