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File Maker Pro Scripting

Question asked by JohnDeBriere on Nov 19, 2013
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File Maker Pro Scripting


     Somewhat new to FM Pro and not that familiar with the architecture of FM so to start I have two questions:

     1. When a user clicks a button in my Client FM Pro application using my FM Pro Server (11.0) data I want to run a script on the FM Pro Server. By "Client" I mean the app is a client using the FM Pro Server data.

     So my question is: Can I run a script on the FM Pro Server from my Client FM Pro app?

     2. The script will pull data from the record currently being viewed by the client app and export the data to a folder on the server as an XML file.

     The question is: Are there any issues with using the "Export Script" to do this?

     The only alternative I have found so far is to upgrade the FM Pro Server to Advanced and use ODBC to extract the data and write the export my self. If there are better alternatives I would appreciate any suggestions.

     Thanks in advance!