• bring up login dialog

    this is embarrassing.  I can not remember how to bring up the dialog when opening a file. I have a Re-Login script when I'm in the file but I need to switch users before I begin because I have external references...
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  • fp5 to fp7 conversion - Specific Questions

    I have 3 old fp5 solutions I created years ago consisting of 3, 5, and 8 related files.  One of the databases contains Contact Info - this database also has simple relationships to the other 2 databases.  Th...
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  • 関連レコードの作成を制限したい

    チェックの付いたレコードおよびその関連レコードすべてについて編集、削除、作成をできないようにしたい。 編集、削除については「カスタムレコードアクセス権」で対処しました。 関連レコードの作成については関連レコードを作成できるすべてのポータルに スクリプトトリガを仕込む。 メニュー項目の「新規レコード」もカスタムメニューで表示しないようにする。 しか方法はないのでしょうか?
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  • How to copy all Portal Field

    Hello, Would anyone know how to Copy all portal rows from one table to another?        Example: Table - Estimate Portal   (Copy all portal fields from Estimate) Field 1: Estimate...
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  • Popover with Tabs

    I have a Popover that opens up to a tab control with 2 tabs.  At the moment when the popover opens it opens the tab that was last viewed.  Is there a way to automatically go to the Tab1?   Thank you
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  • Snapshot link and External source TO

    Starting for discussion: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <FPSL>     <UIState>         <UniversalPathList>---</UniversalPathList> &...
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  • Specify Excel worksheet in import step

    Hello and thanks in advance for your help.   I have reviewed many posts in this forum and can't find a clear example of what is required to set up my import script step to automatically select the worksheet with...
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  • Serious scaling issue with 17

    Did someone forget a setting or something for FMP17? Running W10 Can't even get to were I can turn on advanced tools...
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  • Search lookup required

    I have a table of building elements and i have a value list that looks up the category of building element. The system works great.   I would like however to add a field where the user instead of looking up a ca...
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  • I want gant chart

    9 votes
    I want gant chart view.Create project with date and show as gant chart
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  • Dynamic Merge with user friendly field names

    I am using a custom function to parse merge fields in a text block using the Evaluate function and it works well.  However … I would like the visible merge fields to look like this … <<First N...
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  • Google Calendar API RRULE

    Hello, everyone!   I've been learning about Google Calendar's API through an excellent tutorial from the folks at DBServices and thought it might be nice to add in recurring events. When I checked the Google API...
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  • Is there a way to convert a FM database with only one table to a relational database

    I have a FM database I've been using since FM7 with only one table and I would like to convert it to a relational database. I would need also to assign multiple records in the database to a single customer ID and crea...
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  • Get(WindowHeight) and Get(WindowContentHeight)

    Good Morning!   I added a field (calculation) to get the Get(WindowContentHeight). But it returns only a ?. (The same happens with Get(WindowHeight). Any ideas why a value isn't being calculated?   What I'...
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  • Keep Calculation Field or auto-enter calculation as minimum as possible?

    Hi, I am new to filemaker. I have read few chapters of Database Design for Mere Mortals. The author told me not to use calculation field in a table. I guess what he means we could calculate the value in VIEWS or write...
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  • FireFox is still not listed as a WebDirect compatible browser. Anyone know what breaks?

    FireFox is still not listed as a WebDirect compatible browser for FileMaker Server 17.   Does anyone know what breaks or does not work properly?
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  • Spaces between the segments of the navigation bar

    Hello to all FileMaker experts.   I would like to create some horizontal navigation bars, each composed of 5-6 buttons. The bars are placed above a slide panel. The text of each button has a length different from...
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  • Price change for concurrent connections

    A client contacted me the other day saying they were notified that the price for concurrent connections is going up in May by 3x. Have any of you heard this? It seems like quite a jump—so big in fact that I wond...
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  • Is this a Pivot table?

    I think the answer to this question is Yes but I'm looking for some guidance and thoughts from the community.   I'm developing a program for a multimedia company that produces many bids. Each bid will have a var...
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  • Turn number into a writted word for printing checks

    This is driving me crazy. Using the field [CalcWrittenNumberA] for numerical input, everything is flawless in calculating the written number EXCEPT when the number has 00. (i.e. 100.00, 1,000.00, 12,000.00, 123, 000.0...
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