• What is the reason(s) to have multiple key fields in a table?

    Hi, I am new to filemaker. I have seen several solutions using multiple key fields in a table. For example, id_text, id_number, uuid, no.(as numbers I think). Each key field is used in different relationships with dif...
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  • FileMaker Cloud Admin Console login issue

    I'm wondering whether other people encounter the same problem. When I try to log into the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console I get an Invalid email address or password error. The workaround is to restart the instance on AW...
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  • Pasting 'Insert Calculated Result' script step logs an error

    Pasting a copied 'Insert Calculated Result' script step logs an error to the console when the target is a variable.   Options for the script step are: - unchecked 'select entire contents' - checked 'target' with ...
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  • Upgrade FM 13 to 16

    Can I upgrade FM 13 to 16 and is 16 compatible with Mojave, just bought a new Macbook Pro  and I am leaving hell with applications not working anymore with mojave ! Thanks for any answer!
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  • Container PDF won't open

    I have a global container field and inserted a pdf file into it. I'm not able to open it or read it at all. I have it set up as an interactive container. What gives?
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  • DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA)

    DEC 13   Meetup Thursday, December 13, 2018 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m (1:30 to socialize) Santa Clara, California, U.S.A   Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! — If you don’t know which m...
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  • WebDirect screen redraw

    One of the things that I find annoying about WD is screen redraw, specially if you connect from WAN. Here is a small sample video of a prototype of a new solution I'm creating:   WebDirect Screen Redraw on Vimeo...
    created by ibrahim_bittar
  • FileMaker Go on Android

    196 votes
    Make the power of Filemaker Go available to Android users. Give FileMaker developers the opportunity to market their solutions to Android users. Increase FileMaker Marketshare with an Android native version.
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  • Container Attributes // EXIF & IPTC for photos

    14 votes
    I use Filemaker to manage my images, track sales, licenses, photo releases, and more.  As a professional photographer it would save me an awful lot of time if Filemaker could import image metadata.  Other pr...
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  • FileMaker Go 17.0.3 Capture Video Fails on iPad Pro 2018

    Product and version: FileMaker Go 17.0.3 OS and version: iOS 12.1 Hardware - iPad Pro 11" 2018 Description When attempting to capture video into a container a message appears: "FileMaker Go must be full screen to reco...
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  • Web sites in Web Direct

    I have a button that uses a script to display a website. The script....   The button and script works perfectly in WebDirect to go to the weather channel, but nothing happens when I shut off line 3, activate...
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  • Hosting Service

    Anyone care to recommend a FM Hosting service.  I currently use FMPHosting.  Works fine for me, but would like to compare performance of other service.
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  • Peer to Peer Sharing - ideas so its not just for "testing purposes only".

    20 votes
    In FileMaker Pro 16 (and also in FM15) a new disclaimer was added to FileMaker Pro to deter the use of peer to peer networking, stating   This connection is insecure and should be used for testing purposes only....
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  • Windouws10のアップデートをすると、突然、FileMakerサーバーと繋がらなくなったと情報がありました。何かご存知のかたはおられますか?

    Windouws10のアップデートをすると、突然、FileMakerサーバーと繋がらなくなったと情報がありました。何かご存知のかたはおられますか?   題名と同じで恐縮です。   よろしくお願いします。
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  • Boolean operators no longer visible FM17/Mac OS 10.14 (Beta)

    In Mac OS 10.14 Beta (18A347e) and FM17.0.2.205 (Hardware Mac Pro touch 13", late 2016) the boolean operators are no longer visble.   Jo
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  • GetSensor Data

    Hello, anyone been using the GetSensor function ?   For a long time, looked forward to when FM would give access to the internal sensors of iOS devices. Of course that has come in FM 17.   Use, collect th...
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  • New, Flat Look for WebDirect App

    I've had a production WebDirect app out for 4+ years.  It's currently FMP 16 based.  The app is great, but I've been told that the look is dated.  It was developed using the old "River" theme.  I d...
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  • How to change format on a portal's scroll bars

    Here's a file I'm currently trying to bring up to production level:     The main portal has 12 records visible but, as you can see if you look closely, there are more related records that you might be abl...
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  • Problems with latest FPM update?

    Is anyone having trouble updating FMP17 with the latest update. I download the file then it says to install then you need to close FMP when I close FPM the installation closes as well. I tried this about three times w...
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  • iOS 12.1.1 strange behaviour

    greetings Filemakers   today, after my iPhone iOS update my app starts to run a little different. my app consists of couple bases running under sdk. launcher have 2 field - loading key & licence checker: L...
    created by shykunets