• Report calculations....

    Help, please!!!   Shot Table: Sequence Code First Scene in Act Shot count Act Shot number   Sequence Table: Sequence Code Sequence Budget Sequence ETC   Report (see attached): Part setup - ...
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  • Wordpress Forms to FileMaker

    Good Morning,   What are some of the easiest and more advanced ways to integrate Wordpress forms hosted on our website to be pulled into FileMaker?   I'd like to explore a few different ways to see if ther...
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  • New to Filemaker

    Hi, I have been following 2 courses by Guy Stevens his Complete invoice and two portals onto one invoice. The problem i am having is the everything works fine with the Products portal, having copied this portal and fo...
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  • multiple hop related records oddity

    this is a bit hard to explain, but I'm experiencing a strange situation when trying to get data from a related record that is multiple hops away (multiple table occurrence's away)   I have a relationship setup l...
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  • Extend layout pasteboard

    12 votes
    In layout mode, we have the non-visible layout area at the right, and it is very useful. That's what I'm referring to as the "pasteboard."   I'd love to see the pasteboard extended below the layout. This would b...
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  • FileMaker Server Warning 30 messages and losing data

    Hi All, We're working with a customer who is reporting a number of a FileMaker Server Warning 30 messages that correlate with losing data (for example 8 records  where they are entering 1 record at a time)... ...
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  • Custom Functions for Returning ExecuteSQL result as JSON

    Hello,   In early 2017 I became interested in the question of whether I could write a FileMaker custom function which would allow me to return ExecuteSQL results in the form of JSON.  My typical use-case wa...
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  • Native FileMaker

    A recent discussion in my user group centered around "Native FileMaker". There was quite a good discussion of it and different points of view. After the group was over, I talked it over with people here at Geist Inte...
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  • WindowsKey+ArrowKey shortcut breaking FMP16?

    Product and version: FileMaker Pro Adv. (Accessing FMServer 15, v15.0.3.308) OS and version: Windows 10 Pro (Version 1709) Brower and version: N/A Hardware: Dell Precision T3500 Workstation; Dell Monitor...
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  • How to calculate the remaining number of a specific day in a month

    I am relatively new to Filemaker and am building a class/course management solution in which students take classes weekly but are charged monthly.  When a student joins their first month's fee is pro-rated based ...
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  • Serial Increment with an If Function

    I am pretty new to FMP, and I am having trouble building a calculation that will automatically generate intake numbers for my organization.   The intake number works as follows: - Last two digits of the year - ...
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  • 繰り返しフィールドの検索集計に付いて

    はじめまして。 ファイルメーカー初心者です。   繰り返しフィールドを使ってタイムカードの集計をしています。 しかし、派遣会社の為、請求締め日と給与締め日が異なり、給与締めを月をまたいで検索集計したいのですが出来ません。 繰り返しフィールドでの検索集計方法を教えて下さい。   フィールド構成   【スタッフNo】 【氏名】 【所属】 繰り返しフィールド 【就労日】 【定時】 【残業...
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  • Relationship Based Dynamic Value List Question

    I know that this is pretty straight forward, but I think I've been staring at this issue too long.    I know there are several threads on this & I have been browsing many of them, including the Adventu...
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  • FM Cloud Certificate

    Hi folks, I am going nuts, because i don't understand... Could you please help me because i not understanding what i am  missing here. I have a A DNS record that points to my AWS FM cloud "fmcloud.xxxx". I ha...
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  • Report with unique data and multiple data at same time

    I am looking to create a property issuance form.  This form lists the User Name, Location, and Date of the report in the header, then in the body lists all the equipment that is assigned to that particular user.&...
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  • file opens without requiring username/password

    Hello and Happy New Year fellow community members.   I apologize if this has already been addressed.   We are running FMPro Server 14 on a Windows 12 server.  For some reason, on one particular mac co...
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  • Deleting fields really messes up imports

    I'm still in 11, hoping to upgrade, but don't want to if they keep catastrophic problems such as this one. If you have table A and have a script in table B that imports fields from A, and delete some fields in A, the ...
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  • When Globals are Loaded into Memory ?

    Hello everyone,   I am using a "support" file storing only Global fields (help fields, labels, containers, tags, etc, in various languages) serving different solutions. Some Global fields would be common for al...
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  • Substituting a Nickname on a label just before printing

    I have a large db of contact names, and I am developing a small application to print out name tags. Here's a current label preview:     Simple image container, and three fields First[name], Last[name], Ma...
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  • Export Layout with Portal Tool into .txt file?

    I have a table in layout that has underneeth the aktuell Table a portaltool. Like: Oder Name   Surename   Street City ...   Item SKU   Name   Amount   Color ...
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