• Hoping 2020 DevCon will be here...

    RosemaryTietge and all the gang at FMI:  Assuming you're already working on the location for DevCon 2020.  As I'm sure you're aware, Gaylord is opening a new resort at the end of this year in Denver, CO....
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  • FBA no more licences?

    Hello, since 8 weeks i wait for mainentance license of an order in Germany/GB. For no one of my customers (rent/sell licenses) i get the FM 17 codes. Are i am the only one? Have anybody in Germany/Austia/Swiss get th...
    created by alanghans
  • Use "Insert Calculated Result" to concatenate strings! <= Groundbreaking Performance Leap!

    OMG! => I just found a super-fast method of concatenating strings in FileMaker!*   With "Insert Calculated Result" (append to variable) FileMaker concatenates strings in linear time O(n). "Set Variable" on ...
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  • Script evaluating SQL

    I have a record evaluated by a script: ExecuteSQL("SELECT \"Cr\" FROM \"Reqs\" WHERE \"Age_thresh\">? AND \"Sex\"=? AND \"Std\"=?”;””;””;IO_n::Age; IO_n::Sex;IO_n::Std_EN) + Execute...
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  • licencies - annual or perceptual

    when clicking on perceptual licencies, the following dialog appears     here is a screenshot from a poll (macgadget.de, aug 20 2018   ONLY 4% are for annual licencing, 81% prefer to buy software. It...
    Markus Schneider
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  • Sending FileMaker variables to perform applescript function

    Hi Everyone,   I have some variables set in a filemaker script and I am wanting to use those variables in the perform applescript function to send these to another application.   I have $session and $sessi...
    created by richard2
  • JSON Number value (empty) = zero ?

    OK, deep philosophical debate:   let( someJSONobject = JSONSetElement ( "" ; "aNumber" ; aNumberField ; JSONNumber ) ; JSONGetElement ( someJSONobject ; "aNumber" ) )   if the field "aNumberField" has ...
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  • Why doesn't database show up in FM 17 (does in FM 16)?

    I'm on FM 17 since some time, but we haven't upgraded the server yet, so it is still FMS16. One of the databases show up just fine in FM 16, but is not available in FM 17 (same computer, but did also check another com...
    created by fabianf
  • Since upgrading to Server 17, I'm seeing Error 701 Script Engine process has terminated abnormally.  I never had this error before upgrading.

    Is this a known issue?  Will Get(LastError) return anything on the server side?  This is a time entry system that is now periodically failing on time transactions.  It uses an ExecuteSQL script step on ...
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  • Need drag'n drop from container field to other application in Windows

    Hi, is there any solution to drag files from an container field and drop them in another Windows-Application? On my Mac I can use MBS, but that's not working in Windows.   Any idea?   Thanks, Rolf
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  • onRecordExit script trigger

    4 votes
    There have been a few threads in the Discussions section about this, but so far no Product Ideas. The gist is this: - There are matching OnLayoutEnter/OnLayoutExit and OnModeEnter/OnModeExit script triggers, but no O...
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  • Read/write from/to shared repository

    Hi, is there a way, somehow to read/write from a shared repos, ie. dropbox or website, without the need of user interaction ? i would like to use script to import a file from shared location, modificate it and final...
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  • Opener Button with Custom Logo

    I have a client who would like to open their solution on the iPad home screen with a button that has their logo on it. Is there any way to do this, other than SDK?
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  • Filemaker Server 16 and PDF Container Fields Not Working

    My question is this: Is anyone else having problems with container fields not showing with inserted PDF? Almost as if it is not communicating with acrobat correctly?   Here is some background: First, we have a f...
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  • How to insert hyperlink in text field?

    I want insert file address  located in computer of local intranet(ex. \\\filename), how to insert hyperlink in text field so as to click it? Thanks.
    created by sunspot2008
  • Cant open a pdf of a folder of FM-Server PC

    Hello everybody, I wanted to ban all data from the containers directly to the FM-Server's File-folder. My Server is installed on a macOS Sierra (mac Mini).   I use the FM Pro Advanced 16 and the MBS plugin ...
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  • Issue with concurrent ODBC connections in FMS16 and FMS17.

    ODBC queries cannot execute at the same time. It appears they are queued. Only executing one at a time.   This issue does not occur in FMS 15 (or prior.)   To replicate:   Design two standard SQL ...
    created by mhamilton
  • Just For Fun:  A Gimmick To Scrape the Current Found Set

    Synopsis:   Over the last few days I had fun playing around with a technique for gathering data from the current found set into well-formed JSON.  This post shares some of that experimentation.    ...
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  • Error: Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.

    I have developed a simple membership database in FMPro 16 on Mac that i have used successfully to send large numbers of emails out to members using Apple Mail. I developed this database to provide a new membership Sec...
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  • Typeahead in Popup Menus on Windows

    3 votes
    Popup Menus should support typeahead on Windows the same way as it is supported on Mac. Arrow keys are supported but typeahead does not work on Windows. This applies to tools in native FileMaker Dialogs as well as to ...
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