• How do I autofill Client Info from one Table into another ? Help !  

    I have tried all the tutorials and read numerous forum pages regarding this issue and I just can't get it to work I'm so happy to join this forum and hope one of you genius filmmaker experts can help me out with this...
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  • Determining if running on FM Cloud or Locally

    I have an application with script steps where I PSOS. I need to know if my application is running as a local file or if its running on AWS Cloud. Is there a method to detect the environment host?
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  • New FileMaker licensing programs

    With the launch of the FileMaker 17 Platform today, we are pleased to announce new licensing programs that replace our previous programs. The primary new offering is called FileMaker User Licensing. It is available no...
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  • Using SQL to find empty time

    I have a table TaskTIME that has records for employee time. I'm trying to use ExecuteSQL to get a count of any times for the month of the record where there is Time of less than 1 minute. So, for November of this year...
    created by MikeWile
  • Insert from url ftp and curl options problem

    As an intro I can do filemaker but this ftp is all new to me - (as was XSLT but I cracked that over the weekend)   Using Windows and Filemaker 16.   I am trying to add a file (Purchase order xml) to a supp...
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  • Duplicating a record including all portal rows

    Hi,   I am getting really stuck trying to create a duplication button for booking equipment. I'm looking to create a new booking record and copy all the items added to the current (bookingitems) portal. I need ...
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  • Transfering data from iOS SDK to FMCloud

    I have an App solution created through the iOS SDK.  I am looking to transfer data from the client to a similar db on FM Cloud.  I have used the Open URL script step to transfer the data, which works great, ...
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  • FileMaker Server 17 - CWP user

      I took a snapshot out of Clients in FMSAC for FMS17. A php-user running a script where the users IP is [:   This looks more to me like a smile face then some useful information. Is there a reason for the...
    Johan Hedman
    created by Johan Hedman
  • Extract words from a string and replace them with field content

    Hi all,   Let me explain,   I have to use several e-mail templates and i want to work with bookmarks, so i can find a field in a text string and convert (merge) it back to data from that field.   Wha...
    created by mjhduncker
  • No correspondence: GetLayoutObjectAttribute (isActive) and Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)

    Hello,   I go to the button of a buttonbar using "Go To Object" and I am surprised to find a difference between "isActive" from "GetLayoutObjectAttribute"  and "Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)". (see screenshot...
    created by MatteoKrings
  • FileMaker Cloud Admin Console login issue

    I'm wondering whether other people encounter the same problem. When I try to log into the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console I get an Invalid email address or password error. The workaround is to restart the instance on AW...
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  • Mojave Compatibility

    I'm writing this out of complete frustration. I have been an active and daily FileMaker developer for almost 10 years now. I think this needs to be said. Because no one seems to be saying it.   When talking abo...
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  • Text formating functions disrupt right-to-left flow in 'substitute' function

    I want to color in blue a specific substring within a string. For example, this works fine:   FUNCTION      Substitute (           "abcdef" ; &...
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  • iPhone Xs Max landscape sizing

    I am not a professional, just a personal FM user of many years, using my database for my home-based business on my iPad. I recently made the transition to using it on a new iPhone Xs Max (my 6yo iPad died), and am ref...
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  • Multiple or Single FileMaker applications?

    We are looking to create a multi module Filemaker solution to cover several different areas of our business.   Being very new to Filemaker I can see that there could at least a couple of ways of building our sol...
    created by user2148484
  • FMS17 stops accepting new connections port 5003

    Our Filemaker 17 Server suddenly stops accepting new connections on port 5003, giving users trying to connect the dialog message "The file xxxxxxx.fmp12 could not be opened. Either the host is not available...". But a...
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  • Get ( WindowID ) function and related script steps

    31 votes
    Give developers access to windows' internal IDs and offer the ability to reference the Window ID in Script Steps, e.g. Select Window, Set Window Title, etc.
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  • Script Trigger on Record Exit?

    Hi   Using FM Pro 14   I need to do a check (script trigger) when exiting a record - by exiting a record I mean:   1) navigating to a different record 2) changing layout 3) closing the database ...
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  • FileMaker Google chart Sort

    Hello, I used google chart to generate a vertical line chart. Is there a way to sort the y series to descending order? As of now the time was sorted in ascending but my client want to see it in descending order. ...
    created by uniquesoft
  • FMC_情報保護の勘所サンプルファイル

    FileMaker カンファレンス 2018 [G-2]情報保護の勘所。はじめてでも押さえておきたい最低限のセキュリティ セッション内のデモで使用したサンプルファイルです。   ファイルの暗号化パスワード : filemaker   ゲストアカウントまたは以下のアカウントが利用できます。   [データ入力のみ] アカウント名 : yamada / パスワード : yamada アカウント名...
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