• PostgresqlへのODBC接続問題について

    もし知見のある方がいらっしゃいましたらお教えください。   システム構成  DBサーバ CentOS + Postgresql 8.4.8  Windowsサーバ Windows Server 2016 + Filemaker Server 16  クライアント Windows 10 Pro + Filemaker Pro 16   このような構成で、各クライアントからFilemaker ProでPo...
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  • 誕生日の検索

    以下の様な画面を考えています。   2018/3/15を起点にして、  10日〜30日の範囲に誕生日がくるデータを抽出できるスクリプトを考えています。  これが思いの他、難しくご指導頂けると嬉しいです。   誕生日は毎年のことなので、年は関係ありません。 しかし、検索モードでは、日付フィールドは年を入れないと検索してくれません。 「*」を入れて検索しましたが、これもうまく行きませんでした。 ど...
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  • 毎月1日でも入院実績がある患者の書類作成の正しい運用方法について

    運用方法の相談をさせてください。   以前、この場所で計画書の作成についての相談をさせてもらいました。   1患者に複数のレコードを作成したい場合のやり方について   今、私が悩んでいるのは、本当にこの運用方法でいいのかな?という点です。 以前、相談させてもらったものは、私自身が「こういう風にしたい」という旨を伝えて、 それを実現させるやり方を丁寧に教えていただけました。   ...
    created by toshi593
  • Tab Panels for Relationships Window

    5 votes
    The relationships window content becomes unwieldy in (anchor-buoy) type projects with many graphs.   Tab panels would be a great improvement allowing for organising graphs in panels instead of having only one pa...
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  • Benroy Business App - 1st Unlocked FileMaker Template with up to 7 localized languages

    After more than 1 year in development, we are thrilled to announce that Benroy Business App version 1.6.214 has been released! This is a major release that includes numerous significant improvements, which we would li...
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  • Value list contains a value but keep being told it doesn't.

    I had a very simple value list based on custom values shown as checkboxes, such as 'ordered', 'invoiced' 'paid' etc. It worked fine. I then removed one value which was no longer needed and now we can't check or unchec...
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  • UniqueValues adds a carriage return

    UniqueValues seems to add a carriage return to an array. Bug?   //calc Substitute ( UniqueValues ( List ( 111;222 ) ) ; "¶" ; "," ) //result 111,222,
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  • Identify Layout Objects with Local Style Format

    4 votes
    Idea In Layout mode identify any object with assigned local style format.   How To Implement There are multiple ways to implement this features (highlight objects in layout, …), but I think, the best would...
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  • Email -Pilcrow fails to LF

    I have the following calculated field that returns the Line Items for an order. When I use the SEND MAIL script step with email client option if there is more than 1 line item in the result then the rest of the items ...
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  • Escaping slashes in JSON - seeming Catch 22

    In FileMaker 16, I need to generate JSON for a web service (MailChimp) to upload, among other things, some html.   The JSONSetElement takes care of a lot of the escaping, but in this html, there is an additional...
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  • How do I implement audit log using CWP(PHP)? Is it possible?

    Dear All,                I am logging Filemaker changes using MBS plug-in. As I must log all type of actions, I must log CWP changes too. So I am...
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  • Filemaker Pro 10、Mac OS10.9〜10.10で共有ができません。

    Filemaker Pro 10を使っています。 ホスト側のOS10.4ではうまく共有設定がを行えたのですが、 クライアント側にしているOS10.9~10.10のMacでうまくいきません。   クライアント側から「共有ファイルを開く」を行うと「共有ファイル」にホストのMacは表示されますが、 使用できるファイルに、ホスト側で開いているデータベースが表示されません。   またOS10.9~10.10のM...
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  • Improving the relationship graph with Layers

    5 votes
    Even a simple solution can have quite a complex relationship graph.  If it was at all possible to have multiple layers for the relationship graph and be able to not only put TOs on a different layer but be able t...
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  • Import Excel file FMGO no FM Cloud or Server / Workaround???

    As we all know FM Go "partially" supports the Import Records script step which I have found that they should be allowing us to import from Apple's "Files" application. I definitely put a product request out for this. ...
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  • Relationship Graph badges

    41 votes
    A summary of your idea: Relationship Graph badges. 6 per Relationship line (3 on each side): Green for “Allow creation...” Red for “Delete related...” Sort for “Sort Records...̶...
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  • Left/Right Navigation Parts

    41 votes
    While the top/bottom nav parts are a great addition to the product,  the days of modern designs having navigation at the top of the screen are seemingly coming to an end.    Look at most modern applic...
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  • Conditional Icons

    40 votes
    The new SVG icons in FM 14 are one of my favorite new features. I think it gives us the ability to easily create more modern looking solutions. I think it would be neat to be able to conditionally show two different i...
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  • Set theme as default

    20 votes
    I would like to be able to modify a theme and then set that theme to be the default for new layouts.   Thank you!
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  • Switch off/on type-ahead/auto-complete in calculations etc.

    3 votes
    More often than not the type-ahead (or auto-complete) function slows calculation-entry down. Specially when running on RDP on Windows, one starts typing and a few second aften being done the typed text appears, becaus...
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  • FileMaker Pro on Linux

    20 votes
    Dear All,   Heard about FileMaker was run on Linux upto version 5 as FMS.   But For now If it come for FileMakerPro it will be awesome for beginner developers!   Day-by-day Linux Operating System is ...
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