iOS inspired Master Detail

Video created by JaredHague on Mar 11, 2015

    Just thought I would upload this video to see what interest there is. 


    I have always liked the iOS style master detail.  I thought it would really be handy to have in filemaker.  I tried every trick in the book to get some of this functionality in a classic portal.  I was bothered by the fact I had to use extra TOs loads of scripts and it was tricky to get a portal to appear like there was headers in it without the ability to have different size cells. Also this takes about 5min to add to a layout. Performance is great especially over web.


    This list is a custom function in a web viewer.  Data is added from sql for not live updates or listof for live updating and native sorting. 


    Currently supports

    - Images/icons before and after label. 

    - iOS style headers

    - Live search ( of displayed content )

    - Cell size can change with extra text

    - 2 different scripts triggered when clicked. Script 1 when click on row. Script 2 when click on icon.

    - 3 fields title, subtitle and value

    - FileMaker styling in fields are carried over into list if wanted.

    - Saves position when used in nav

    - Live updating and native sorting when using ListOf to populate.  Or use SQL for more detached behaviour.

    - Styling with CSS


    I am still working on some minor details and plan to add more features.


    Suggestions, questions and comments are welcome.