Nested Progress Indicator Animated SVG

Video created by JaredHague on Jul 15, 2015

    I have created a nested progress indicator.  I found some scripts that were longer in duration were causing some users to question if there was really anything going on.  I found that breaking up the indicator into sub-indicators gave users a better idea of what was taking so long.  This also allows better feedback if users have something stop or fail.  They can provide more detailed feedback on what was happening when the problem occurred. 


    Its basically an SVG in a web viewer.  A custom function manipulates the values in the SVG.

    In the custom function you feed it colors, the name of the steps and the values of the progress.

    Its extremely light weight because its just some text.


    I will be releasing it as a demo with some other small utilities I am preparing that I think the community may enjoy.


    Thought or comments on how to improve are welcome.