DevCon 2015: Optimized Layout Design - Matt Petrowsky

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 3, 2015

    Matt Petrowsky (ISO Productions, Inc.)

    Session Description

    With the latest trends in increased mobile computing and ubiquitous browser based data access, it has become even more important to know how well your FileMaker solution will perform in the various environments in which it will be used. The number of elements on your layouts and how data is presented plays a big role in how layouts are designed within FileMaker Pro. The balance between attractive visual design and well performing layouts is important. This session will cover the know-how, tools, and techniques for measuring and optimizing the performance of your FileMaker layouts.

    What you should know

    Working in Layout mode, using conditional formatting and using calculated fields.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro
    • FileMaker Pro Advanced
    • FileMaker Go
    • FileMaker WebDirect

    What You Will Learn

    • Optimizing data delivery to your layouts
    • Assessing the impacts of layout based calculations
    • Suggested methods for reducing layout object counts
    • Efficient use of graphics


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