DevCon 2015: FileMaker Server Best Practices - Ryan Manook

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 3, 2015

    Ryan Manook (FileMaker, Inc.)

    Session Description

    FileMaker Server should be the hub of every FileMaker solution for groups both large and small; it offers the concurrency, security, reliability and performance you would expect from server software. In this session, we’ll make the case as to why FileMaker Server should be managing and sharing your solutions and dive into the features that can make your FileMaker ecosystem more productive than ever.

    What you should know

    No prerequisites required.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Server
    • FileMaker WebDirect

    What You Will Learn

    • FileMaker Server deployment best practices
    • How to take advantage of the reliability offered by automatic backups and standby server
    • How to expand your solution to the web using the FileMaker WebDirect technology


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