DevCon 2015: Build iOS Solutions Using FileMaker Pro 14 - Nicolas Hunter

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 3, 2015

    Nicolas Hunter (FileMaker, Inc.)

    Session Description

    Building solutions for touch devices can be challenging without the right knowledge and tools. During this session, you will learn how to design, optimize, and organize FileMaker Go solutions for both iPad and iPhone while exploring the most innovative and efficient techniques. Learn how to re-imagine a workflow designed for the desktop to create an intuitive experience for touch interactions. You will also discover how to use FileMaker Pro to design intelligently for iPad and iPhone, creating and debugging your solutions with minimum effort and maximum results.

    What you should know

    Layout design skills for desktop and essential FileMaker layout objects behavior

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Go
    • FileMaker Pro

    What You Will Learn

    • Differences between designing for iOS devices and desktop computers
    • Essential techniques for designing solutions for iOS devices
    • Optimizing workflows in your solutions
    • How to organize large FileMaker solutions for iOS devices


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