DevCon 2015: Leveraging the Entire FileMaker Platform in a Single Solution: Under the Hood - J. Sciarra

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 4, 2015

    J. Sciarra (Colibri Solutions)

    Session Description

    In this session, we will review strategies and approaches used to develop a custom permit parking enforcement solution that takes advantage of all products in the FileMaker Platform. By examining the solution and its various design and scripting techniques, attendees will learn how FileMaker WebDirect is used for permit applications, how it takes advantage of a transactional record model within FileMaker Pro, drives ESS integration with Oracle via FileMaker Server schedules, deploys a FileMaker Go solution for ticketing, integrates FileMaker Go with an iOS app for mobile printing, and performs one-click mobile solution updates. The session will demonstrate our approach to all these techniques and include example files.

    What you should know

    Basic familiarity with the platform and challenges involved when using multiple aspects of it, process management basics, bidirectional integration using ESS, and the specifics of mobile in the field.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro
    • FileMaker Advanced
    • FileMaker Go
    • FileMaker Server
    • FileMaker WebDirect

    What You Will Learn

    • A solid reproducible transactional model and when you might deploy it
    • Challenges and techniques for mobile printing and how we solved them
    • ESS integration into Oracle and why we used ESS in this instance vs. other strategies
    • FileMaker WebDirect as a means of leveraging a larger user group to reduce admin touch points


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