DevCon 2015: From PHP to FileMaker WebDirect - J. Sciarra

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 4, 2015

    J. Sciarra (Colibri Solutions)

    Session Description

    When does it make sense to take a Custom Web Publishing solution and re-engineer it in FileMaker WebDirect? We’ll look at RPM Forms, a real world demonstration of our experience taking a custom PHP solution for protocol form creation and management and starting over in FileMaker WebDirect. This session will demo both side by side and look at the issues driving our effort including: promise of a single code base, tighter integration into the main application, and when re-engineering makes sense and when it doesn’t. We’ll also discuss tips for FileMaker WebDirect including printing, document delivery, and resource requirements.

    What you should know

    Underlying differences of FileMaker Web Direct and Custom Web Publishing. General familiarity of web technologies including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. FileMaker Server considerations for web deployments.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro
    • FileMaker Pro Advanced
    • FileMaker Server
    • FileMaker WebDirect

    What You Will Learn

    • What are the advantages of FileMaker WebDirect over Custom Web Publishing
    • What criteria can be used to make decisions as to which approach is appropriate for what application
    • UI/UX techniques that work in both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect (and to mobile)
    • The benefits to our company in terms of code management, maintenance and ongoing development


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