FileMaker Course for Startups and Entrepreneurs - Video Course

Video created by richardcarlton on Oct 26, 2015

    Hi All!   We have a new video course.   We already have a great technical course.  Now we have a Business & Planning Course... that revolves around FileMaker.



    This video course discusses the use of the FileMaker Platform... to create a resellable vertical app or for building internal support systems for your business. The course was created by the award winning team at RC Consulting and 25 year FileMaker veteran, Richard Carlton.


    Learn about decision making needed to determine if FileMaker is right for you and your business / startup. Before launching into a project, you need to understand:


    • Planning and Documenting your ideas.
    • Understanding how FileMaker can be deployed to customers and users.
    • Understanding budgeting for development, and sustained marketing.
    • Elevator Pitches
    • Taking your existing in-house solution... and just selling it.
    • Bug Fixing and budgeting.
    • Understanding the value of doing the work yourself or getting some outside assistance.
    • Hiring and communicating with a consultant.
    • Outsourcing to India?  We'll interview a manager with 10 years of experience doing it!
    • Understanding different methods for structuring a contract... fixed cost quotes, etc.
    • And we'll build... in less than one hour... a shared mobile solution... that works great on Desktop computers and iPhone, iPads and Android devices.


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