Demo: Using RFID Reader to match name in Filemaker 16 Database

Video created by raweeus on Nov 13, 2017

    Using Particle Photon + RFID Reader + LCD Display + Filemaker 16 Server


    1. When RFID read get ID from RFID card or key tag, it send the ID to Filemaker via API


    2. FileMaker Server Receive ID from card then found a name that if it associated with that ID

    3. If found then send back to Particle Photon that message the name and "Welcome"

    4. If not found then send back with message "Not found"


    Note: In FM I have to run script triggers every 5 second to check ID and loading icon is always pops on FM GO.

    I want script triggers that every time new record is created. If anyone know how let me know.