DIGFM: Virtual List on Steroids (5/10/2018; Video)

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    DIGFM: Virtual List on Steroids (5/10/2018; Santa Clara)

    Link to video: DIGFM: Virtual List on Steroids (5/10/2018; Santa Clara, CA) - YouTube


    What this session will not be: A long winded introduction to virtual list, though we will spend about ten minutes reviewing the basics at the beginning.

    What this session will be: A fast-paced, advanced-level session looking at a variety of ways virtual list can transform the way you present information in FileMaker.

    • Flexible framework accommodates complex challenges
    • No need to tamper with table or graph schema
    • Easily combine data from unrelated tables
    • Faster development time
    • Speedy run time execution

    A major selling point is that you can design complex reports and charts (including ones that would be "impossible" using standard FM reporting techniques) without defining additional fields in your data tables, or adding extra TOs to your graph... this of course is huge if you work on live systems. Heavy lifting is done at the script and layout levels.


    While the overall focus will be on reporting and charting, I'll be showing some other uses of virtual list as well. We'll also take a look at the "Multi-Find" technique and why it can often be preferable to "Fast Summaries", ExecuteSQL and other array building approaches.


    200.pngAbout the Speaker: KevinFrank

    A frequent presenter at PauseOnError, DIGFM, FM-DiSC, and other user groups, Kevin Frank has been developing FileMaker databases for nearly 30 years. He hosts the popular FileMaker Hacks blog, and resides "behind the redwood curtain" in Arcata, California.


    Sorry about the audio & video quality this time. If you like the availability of this video or find it helpful after watching it, let us know. A few people went though some trouble to help provide it. (Notably vince's valiant efforts)


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