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I have a found set of 3 records.   I need the ID's of all three records.   I tried List (invoice::id)  I get the id of the record I'm on, not all three.   How do i get all three with out looping and setting it in a variable?

Benjamin Fehr
First of all, this was reported before. WV not rendering Base64 encoded animated-gif   Product and version:  FMP16 OS and version: macOS 10.13 Hardware: MBP  13" Retina late 2013 Description: a WV with a Base64 encoded animation (from animated GIF OR SVG) won't work when using 'New Window' script step How to replicate: see
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There was recently a post about the Position function; it reminded me of what I frequently see with regards to the PatternCount function and I thought I'd remind and reinforce to developers that using the Position function over the PatternCount function in certain circumstances is better.   When someone is trying to find out if a bit of text
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I am using Filemaker Pro 12 and I am really new to using this, I have just touched the surface. I a mailing list that has the name in just 1 field: Last Name, First Name. I need to separate them into 2 fields First Name  Last Name. I have no idea how to do this, can I get some help please.