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Today we announced an exciting new report, the "Workplace Innovation Report: First Edition." This report is based on findings from a customer survey launched in January to uncover the challenges faced by businesses and to reveal the tangible benefits of implementing a Workplace Innovation Platform.   Key findings include:   Prior to
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Hi All   I am looking for data type check, but unable to solve this. I have a format for   ID = "00-0000-0000000-00000-00000";   allowed Characters are numeric and '-' if i try with numeric, it gives either 0 or if i concatenate with 1, it gives exponent form .   GetAsNumber (ID);  //gives 0  
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I have attempted to use Amazon services to deploy FileMaker solutions. Here is what my experience has yielded:   1) first attempt was a fairly large and complex file.  We set it up on several of the different tiers to gauge performance and were not even satisfied with the most expensive option being able to host the file without serious