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Hi there,   My problem is so simple, but I've been struggeling with it for hours. Either I really oversee something completely obvious, or I hit a Filemaker-Bug for mysterious reasons.   I want to filter a portal using two conditions. If I apply only one condition, it works. If I add the second condition, I get now lines matching, e.g.
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A recent discussion in my user group centered around "Native FileMaker". There was quite a good discussion of it and different points of view. After the group was over, I talked it over with people here at Geist Interactive and ended up producing this post:   Native FileMaker: More than Meets the Eye - Geist Interactive   The point of
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I use virtual lists quite a bit in my application.  I've been wondering if there is a way to update selected items in a variable held virtual list without completely rebuilding it?  I have the MBS plugin, and I suspect that I can do it with that.   One way to do this would be to cycle through the variable items and update the