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Addendum is an application that lists the functions, script steps, script triggers, error codes and glossary of FileMaker.   This application is a tool for the development of databases in FileMaker Pro 16, available at any time on your iOS device.
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I have a client who use a number of commercial business systems – e.g. one for accounts, one for deals, one for time management and another for other analytical work.   However what this lacks is firstly a robust forecasting tool and secondly an integrated approach to management reporting.   I am therefore exploring whether
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This is the start of a script that doesn't work. It is supposed to go through a table of people with jobtitles. The problem is that no values are found. Not with the script and not when done same operation by hand:     Using the DataViewer shows $$PID is filled with the correct value:     Still nothing is found. $$PID is
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I have a field in brows mode to do a quick search. However, I have a "search" layout that enters the find mode and I want to include this field in that Layout. However, the field becomes inactive in Find Mode, but in Browse mode works just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.