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I’m probably not supposed to ask this, but does anyone have a timeframe for when FM Cloud 1.17 will be released?  They’ve temporarily suspended BYOL licensing in preparation, so I don’t think its that far out.

Hi all,   I've never made it a practice to use custom functions due to their breakage with updates, etc., but I do feel like this is an area that quite a few developers neglect, so maybe this thread can help more than just myself to get a solid understanding of this higher-level functionality.   Several of my Senior-level developer
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Has anyone encountered error (2020)?   I'm running FMS 15 server script - this script was tested on the client, and reviewed for server side compatibility. This error is at a line which imports records - I'm uncertain why I get the error, since the same batch run from the client side had no problems with the export/import step.  
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Hi, Sorry for asking this again. I wanted to make small/non profitable online database with filemaker. I wanted to install filemaker server in a  MacMini and make that mac mini as a server only for this purpose. But i cant afford now a static ip or fmphost because already crossed my limit . Apparently I have MacMini with good
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Hi, please help me.  I have FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0 v5 and have just upgraded my iMac to High Sierra 10.13.4 and I can't get my FileMaker to open.  It gives me the dialog box to choose my database but when I do it just closes, then I get the option to send a report to Apple. Can someone help me please?  Does the Pro Advanced