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Announcement 1 FileMaker Community Maintenance
Announcement:FileMaker Community Maintenance

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For the next MBS FileMaker Plugin, we add a new function JSON.ToHTML to display JSON to user in a web viewer:     We include some CSS class tags, so you can colorize this a bit. Please try when next prerelease is available or just email us for a testing copy today.

After more than 1 year in development, we are thrilled to announce that Benroy Business App version 1.6.214 has been released! This is a major release that includes numerous significant improvements, which we would like to show you now. Enjoy!   New features - Localized for 5 additional languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and
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A buddy of mine has a database for his print shop.  He needs to grab info from a web service to create another file to export.   I get an XML file from an art supplier.  I don’t need (or want) to write XSLT to import the data to a new table. But I do need to extract some data.   Here is a portion of the data; ….
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Hi,   I have a script that performs a simple search. After the search is completed, I want to display the results in a portal so I may toggle the Pin drop on a map.   I can't seem to make it work correctly. I have reviewed this thread but it does not cover the portal fields. How to display all portal records of search result?  
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Filemaker Pro 10を使っています。 ホスト側のOS10.4ではうまく共有設定がを行えたのですが、 クライアント側にしているOS10.9~10.10のMacでうまくいきません。   クライアント側から「共有ファイルを開く」を行うと「共有ファイル」にホストのMacは表示されますが、 使用できるファイルに、ホスト側で開いているデータベースが表示されません。   またOS10.9~10.10のMacで共有設定をONにしたファイルを開くと 「現在、他のユーザがこのコンピュータ上で filemaker pro を使用してファイルを共有しているため、ファイルを共有することができません。」 のアラートが出てしまいます。