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FileMaker, Inc. News
Today, FileMaker launched a new film series, Innovation Without the Hype. Help spread the word by sharing the films.   The campaign is part of a larger strategic move to define a new category for the FileMaker Platform as the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform.
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IMHO Certainly not money well spent.  Who in their right mind would use those to sell their business or the platform to a client.  In every case it appears that FM is the losing party and loses to Moe from the 3 stooges.  I would be looking for a refund or do-over. 
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I'm losing my mind. When I put a time field in my layout the text disappears. In edit mode it shows the text. I've tried changing the text color, the background color, no color, etc.   I added 2 attachments: in the first one you can see the text (edit mode), but in the second one the text disappears (browse mode)! What in the world
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I am trying to create a system for moving products between different locations with ease. I have a record for every individual product in my inventory system, and i have a related _fk for every record location. What I want is to set up a way to click checkboxes or something, then move (change foreign keys of) all of the selected units to a