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Greetings folks. I have an exported table with student ID, grade level, name, address, etc. The table contains duplicates and triplicates of student IDs, as student were in program different times of their middle and high school grades (6-12). I want to first select duplicates ids, then select max gradelevel for duplicate/triplicate set. Any
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I'm writing a script that is to find and copy the number value found to another field. I'm using the Right and Position Functions get the number value.   I'm testing each section of the script in the Data Viewer and I've run into a problem and need help with the Position function.  The Position function is used to find a "-" Dash then
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All - hoping for some help with a calculation. I've searched on the community and perhaps not searching for the right wording, but cannot seem to find a relevant answer. I am needing to do the calcuation below:   Starting with (FIELD 1)Text: Каска защитная Style 300;#27;#Каска защитная Style 600;#28;#Наушники Zone с креплением на