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The database I am creating is primarily made up of "individuals" which have their own ID number, and name fields.  What would be the best way that I could "link" other individuals to create a family so that I could see addresses, contact info, etc.?  Not sure what other information is necessary, so if this is too vague please let me know

The first obvious answer would be: iOS and Webdirect (WD) don't work very well with plug-ins. Okay, that is a very very good reason, but what if iOS and WD are of non importance to you?   Over the past 16 years (give or take 1 or 2) I have used plug-ins from Troi, CNS, Dracoventions, myFmButler, 360Works, Productive Computing, New Millenium,
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I am reviewing a medical solution which has 35 related tables (one for every kind of examinations each with their Price field) plus a specific related Table designed for various statistics about type of visits, examiners, related income, etc, sorted by Year. The actual relationship graphic has many many table occurrences, each for every type of
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I have two related tables BUDGET and OPERATIONS, relation many to many. I use it to plan my budget and to verify it. In my table OPERATIONS I don’t have a field which describes currency, because this information for every operation is in related table ACCOUNTS. I need to set a relation between BUDGET and OPERATIONS and describe currency.