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... because you can avoid using the greater than / lesser than operators.     Our users often go into the statistic module to compare invoiced stuff from past years or same year, different periods, having d1 start date and d2 end date.   Depending on their fiscal year, they might look at 4/1/2016...3/31/2017 vs

When logging into FileMaker, it comes up with a user's name that is no longer with the company. Can someone please let me know how to change this user's name?
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Hey guys! I might be an easy task, but I am new and inexperienced user, so please don't be strict with me!   What I would like to do is to “filtering” the portal rows base on the user.   For instance, I have the “User 1” & “User 2” and there is a portal having 10 rows. I would like the User 1 see