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I have customers on every usnstate and international customers in over 100 countries. I would like to add a feature in my filemaker based admin solution that would display the current time on the customer page for that specific client - and to make it more difficult, the time would preferably auto update or refresh.

I have a field (Race) that gathers race data based upon OMB categories added via a checkbox set: asian black indian pacific white   My goal is to have the contents of a calulation field (used for exporting) to have one row for the selected values so a record would look like: asian,white for a person selecting Asian and White.   I used
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I 'm trying to use the url scheme of the sdk project to run some functions instead of launching the database. Let's say that I have the following 2 url schemes in my info.plist myapp myapp2   myapp would be used to launch the actual database ex: myapp://~/mydb.fmp12   myapp2 would be used to run a special function ex: