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I'm working with the FM Data API and absolutely loving how easy it is to use. One huge let down was the ability to insert documents into container fields.   We're playing on making a web app that utilizes this for entering jobs into our FMP database which needs to be able to insert documents into our Documents table. Sadly, I'm unable to do

FileMaker Community has been my preferred forum for getting the answers to all my questions. This is the first time that I have to ask a question and hope that there will be an answer for it.   I have a portal listing a number of company codes, company names, and a flag that should allow me to tick off one, just one, company from the entire
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Hello! We use a simple app to loop through a list of open jobs on display monitors throughout our production facility. The opening process is scripted and works beautifully, my only pet peeve is I can't figure out how to automate the app going into full-screen mode. Maximizing the window within FileMaker isn't what I'm looking for and I've tried
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I've finally got my navigation and search functions working on my database ... Now for the nice little extras! I've added Previous Page / Next Page buttons, but that can be a little tedious running through the records to get to the one I want. How can I add a slider, like the one in the Status Toolbar?