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Racking my brain over this one portion of a larger word game solver system. Utilizing a script, possibly in combination with a recursive custom function (minding the 50k limit): the desired output is a set of enumerated variables, each one containing a unique combination of characters, with no two variables containing the same combination of

Posted an earlier piece about FM17 not working on AWS but as a test, I tried FMGo17 connecting to AWS even though FM17 says there are no files being hosted (not true, AWS console shows 3 are hosted) and it works though FM17 cannot connect to the file in question. What is happening here as AWS is definitely working, On local files, FM 17 works but
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Dear FileMaker community,   Today I set up a local server for WebDirect access. After setting the SSL, I asked the network IT guy to open ports 80 and 443. His responded so arrogantly that opening ports <1000 is very amateur and he asked what kind of software does not support changing ports. At this time re-installing FMS to change the