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Just a quick question, I know this has been asked a lot but I have been unable to find a correct fix. Has anyone been able to work out an easy fix to capitalize the first letter of words ONLY.   Have a lot of uses and need (surprisingly), to capitalize the first letter of each word but there are also many acronyms etc. in the data entry so
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Happy Monday. For this year's DevCon, I'm doing a half-day training on JavaScript (and the web viewer) and our use of it in FileMaker. I wrote about the training session and the fact that we can all do JavaScript here: A FileMaker Developer Can Learn Javascript - Geist Interactive   I'm convinced everyone here can learn JS enough to use
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I have 5 FM Pro 16 users connected to the server. They are using it without any problem.   And I also have 5 FM GO users and if all 5 desktop Pro users are connected GO users getting an error saying "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later."   I don't run any custom script on server, it's all with its default settings.