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Today, FileMaker released the final episode in our new film series, Innovation Without the Hype.   With the company’s best people tied up in spreadsheets, our Problem Solver suggests the obvious solution: a custom app built on FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform. But could the solution for doing more actually involve
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Hi Everyone,   Warning: This is my first post.   Hi,   There is a layout in our database that is in a folder titled Corrupt. This layout will not delete. The layout does open and seems empty but when trying to edit or duplicate and mainly delete it nothing happens.   Any ideas for a newbie?   Cheers! Sam
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Hey hey,   I am stuck with telling a field to stop splitting after x occurrences. The values in a field look like this: A-AAA BB CC - 1DD_EEE F followed by free text.pdf   Splitting works fine using a custom function (I split the file name at the " " using FileMaker Custom Function: split ( string ; delimeter ; occurrence ) , but it
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Hi All,   My boss has asked me to reach out to find a developer able to take our database and convert them to work over webDirect. We're a printing company that has used Filemaker for a long time to manage multiple aspects of our workflow.  The codebase is old, convoluted, ugly but working.... except for webDirect.  The owner of
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Hey Everyone, I am running a script to generate a list of records every time a new parent record is created. For example, every time a new home is generated, I create 250 new cost records that can be filled out with a price. My issue is that when I go to create these new records it creates them fine but every time I add a new home and run the
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Hi,   title may be confusing, so are goes my question.   As far as I know, in FileMaker there are no explicit transactions, I mean transaction as defined by SQL Databases, that is all the edits/creations/delations in a defined bunch must succeed of fail. There are implicit transactions using portals and the magic key, but then how may