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hi all   please i need help i want to calculate electricity bill in filemaker if units between 1-1500 it will multiplied by 10 if units between 1501-3000 it will multiplied by 35 if units between 3001-4000 it will multiplied by 80 if units between +4000 it will multiplied by 120 on condition when the bill equal for exmple 6000

Siroos Jafary
Hi folks,   I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just decided toy put together a file that can be used separately as a module in your FileMaker solutions to send multiple HTML formatted
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Hello,   I just moved my FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 database to FileMaker Cloud on AWS. It has about 175,000 records and I have a script that exports the most recent 75,000 records. When I run the script locally it takes a little over a minute to export the data to my local drive. When I run it on FM Cloud it could take an hour or more. The