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Hi, I'm new to FileMaker and I want to know to know the meaning of the following script steps: Set Variable[$$Trigger; Value:"Supresss"] and Set Variable[$$bin; Value:"Si"]   I'm unable to understand their use and why they were declared like this in a project recently given to me.   Also, if possible can anyone recommend some script

So I am using the new Data API to insert records into a FMS16 hosted file from a local file in FileMaker Go.   Currently I am using a loop in a script to build up the JSON data that is sent with the Data API 'create record' request that looks something like:   Set Variable [ $fields; Value:FieldNames ( Get(FileName) ;
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My database is a collection of structures visited, various info and dates of these visits. I am not very proficient with FM, but was able to follow an example and it was working just fine. Until it wasn’t.   I have a database set up with only two tables. Table 1 contains all info to the structure; table 2 contains dates visited. They
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I have considered possibly keeping customer's credit card numbers in my database if they ask me to, and wonder just how secure Filemaker is.  If this information is kept in a password protected file, and presuming it's a very secure password, is there any way a hacker could get ahold of it's contents either by accessing it on my computer if,