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Using FileMaker, your data, and a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you are able to reduce the amount of double data entry as well as human error by using Mail Merge.   In this article, we cover how you can achieve that goal using your FileMaker.   Be sure to check out the article! Mail Merge with FileMaker   Joseph Yeager

New FileMaker 17 version lets you schedule the display of notifications on screen.   Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, November 14, 2018–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi Dialog Plug-in 7.5 for FileMaker Pro 17.     What is Troi Dialog Plug-in?   Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for
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I don't know if there is an answer to this question.   Not one I could conceive of myself at this moment...  so.   Can anyone describe a way to determine which specific records in a PORTAL were actually VIEWED by a user?   I.e. I have a portal of 100 records with notes.   The portal shows 5 records at a
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I have a table TaskTIME that has records for employee time. I'm trying to use ExecuteSQL to get a count of any times for the month of the record where there is Time of less than 1 minute. So, for November of this year, I want a count of records for 11/1/2018 to 11/30/2018 where the Taskcode = "PRDDEV" and the time is less than 1 minute. The table
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With the launch of the FileMaker 17 Platform today, we are pleased to announce new licensing programs that replace our previous programs. The primary new offering is called FileMaker User Licensing. It is available now from the FileMaker Store or your preferred reseller partner.   The FileMaker User Licensing program is platform centric