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hi all have been searching through the posts for a while but all seems to get fairly complex and  i dont really understand most of it. what i am looking for is this: when opening a layout i want to perform a filter on my data so that only a selection of the records will show through that layout. I dont know much about writing scripts

I can put a pdf in my container. I specify pdf-interactive in the field inspector, but I still cannot click-on and see the pdf. (I must right-click it, export it and then view it.) I don't actually want to view the pdf in FM; I'd rather be ale to click on it and have FM launch the pdf viewer of my choice and load the pdf. Can that be done?
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I have a large layout with multiple container images in portals, etc. I want to export the layout as a JPEG file. The current script steps:   Enter Preview Mode Copy [Select] Enter Browse Mode Paste [global::container] Export Field Contents [global::container]     This exports a PDF file. However, if I drag the file out of
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Hello everyone ...   I am trying to create a new record based on a selection of a portal row with a button where the portal is inside a popover button ... for some reason when I move the button outside the portal row it works fine (as it's taking the active row). However, when the button is withing the portal row, it does create the new