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Today we announced an exciting new report, the "Workplace Innovation Report: First Edition." This report is based on findings from a customer survey launched in January to uncover the challenges faced by businesses and to reveal the tangible benefits of implementing a Workplace Innovation Platform.   Key findings include:   Prior to
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Concerning which one to use - when importing records from another database I guess it's more likely for it to have UUID instead of UUIDNumber as the primary key and if one sticks to UUIDNumber in a number field and want to import UUID into that field - you have somewhat a problem? So I guess I should choose UUID in a text field over UUIDNumber in
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I need help to construct an ExecuteSQL query that needs to query records in one table with reference to their parent record in another table. I have these tables:   Assets Loans LoanAssets   Assets are related to LoanAssets by the AssetID and Loans are related to the LoanAssets by the LoanID.   I'm trying to find, for a given
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Everybody who spends their days working on a computer suffers eyestrain to one degree or another, and I love that we can now zoom in or out (with a keystroke) to view layouts and data entry screens, but I wish FMI would take us older developers into consideration, and let us do the same in the other places (inspector, calculations, scripts, etc)