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Title says it all.  It's okay to set aside your humility for a moment here.

Andy Hibbs
This has been prompted by a couple of recent jobs involving the reconciliation of 70,000 records that had been linked incorrectly due to an error caused by an import system that depends on an Excel template, which had been setup incorrectly and also a project to put a current UI file on top of some data files that were much older than the UI file.
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I have a solution in which a client enters a picture in the container field. This can copied and pasted, or the user can use the their mobile devices to to capture the picture (right inside the solution), or take a picture with a camera and  insert it into the container. Some picture may be very high resolution and would definitely present
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A non technical question about something that is eluding me. I start FM and a dialog box appears asking if I would like to upgrade to the latest version. The problem is that the running copy of FM needs to be closed before the update can take place. As soon as I close FM the update dialog box disappears. I am sure I am missing something obvious