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I've recently been asked to create documentation for a solution we're currently working on. In the past, when the client has been wiling to fund such an endeavor (documentation, especially good documentation, is very time consuming e.i. expensive), we've used actual documents, PDFs, a knowledge-base table in the file, and in the past few years, a
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Does anyone know if you can distinguish via calc field if the current user is opening FMP17 with the advanced tools active?   Maybe I´m a bit old school, but what I am trying to prevent is any basic user opening the solution on the server with FMP17 with the advanced tools enabled.   I want the scripted logon procedure to detect
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I'm really looking forward to Devcon 2018.  I'm fortunate to be from the Dallas area and staying at the hotel.  However, several of my team are driving to and from each day.  We noticed the Self-Park parking rate at the Gaylord Texas is $22 per day.  Do I get a car wash with that?  Well, just kidding, but it is kind of a