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■Situation I have a portal and two fields. ・A Field(Text) ・B Field(Calcu)   ■Request B = Continue the contents of field A. But I can't get the correct calculation.(B Field)     portal Ex) 1record:A(1) / B(1) 2record:A(  ) / B(1) 3record:A(  ) / B(1) 4record:A(2) / B(2) 2record:A(  ) / B(2) 3record:A(3) /
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Good day. I'm attempting to install a system for a client and have run into something I don't know how to fix.   A little background: The system in question is designed to use the Data API to push data between database files (all FileMaker). This is intended to work across multiple different servers located in different facilities. (The
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Background: I have a portal of quote line items that might contain the same _fkDealer value for more than 1 line item and when I find a situation where the same dealer is used to supply different products on the same quote, I end up with multiple quote line items containing the same _fkDealer value. I will then take that information and generate