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Beezwax has released a new version of our powerful FileMaker search tool, LOgiCATOR.  This is a major release — fully optimized for easy integration.   LOgiCATOR is: the modern, powerful yet intuitive search UI your FileMaker apps need fully modular and easy to integrate a pioneering example of a new way to add lightweight,

Perform Script [ "By Name" …A module from     Ever wanted to Perform Script by Name - natively?   Make FM ←→ FM APIs?   Well, now you can!       Thanks to fm16's dynamic data sources   (and a bit of magic from mrwatson)   Performing Scripts By Name natively has become a
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I am looking at getting another AWS reserved instance for a FMS install. The t2, m4 and c4 (large) are all priced about the same.   t2 seems to have mysterious CPUs (maybe the same as the c4), but it has burst IO limits.   m4 seems to be a good choice, but effective use would be provisioned  IOPS   I am not sure if the