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Newbie FileMaker user here. I have written numerous SQL statements using other databases. I need to use a SQL statement that will return multiple values. My Select will be something like   ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT EmpID, EmpName FROM Employees"; ""; "" )   I have seen many examples showing this being placed in a script as   Let (

Todd's little challenge from last week has inspired me to offer my own little puzzle. Please note that no scripts were created or performed at any point in the process of creating or demonstrating this file.   Have fun with it and I'll post my copy of the file on Monday.
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The first image is the layout that I initially created. I selected all objects copied them and pasted them on 3 other layouts. All three have this offset to the left.   I DID look at the inspector and every object starts at 0 left 0 top; besides, it is not only the objects that are offset but the layout parts themselves. All the objects