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Hi Folks,   Testing on Mac 10.11.6 FMA 14.06   I need to Create, Name and Send pdf of a single record that is not not working. I am having several issues with this. I want to make this cross-platform.   )  I am able to create the PDF to a desired directory/folder but am not able to give the pdf the desired name. )  The

Hi, I use a custom font on my project, now I my users don't have that font on their computers how can I fix this? I want to everyone can see my project with my font (the custom font I use)
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I have a question relating to the Unique numbering function. I am a newly on the forum, and my apologies if this question has been asked over and over again. I couldn't find an answer when I tried a search.   * Sorry I have my program set to Dutch, so I can't tell you the exact descriptions of the options in English.   I have an order