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Referencing to an other question recently posted Database structure   I think that the framework of the problem should be quite common for those who work on complex professional solutions: there is a need of having a large number of text content to be used inside layouts, dialog messages, etc, Most of those contents are relatively static

Missing for 30 years is a Get that says the max number of repetitions assigned to a field.  I can derive this number by an indirect method (I think) or using the define field tool.   Odd that hat there is a function to get the last data entered in the cells but none to tell me how many cells were assigned to the field.   is there
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この場では初めて質問させていただきます。 万が一、至らぬ点があればご容赦を。   Mac版FileMaker Pro 15 Advanceを使用しております。 このようなデータベースにおいて、期間毎の集計をしたいと思っています。 (実際はもっと混みいっていますが、簡略化のために必要なフィールドを抽出し、質問の趣旨を説明できるように変更してあります。)   【現状】 Table_A:各日のTable_Bのデータをまとめるためのテーブル ID_A(テキスト) 日付(日付) 記録(テキスト) …他   Table_B:各日のそれぞれのアイテムの出し入れを記録するテーブル ID_B(テキスト) 外部キー(テキスト) アイテム(テキスト) 追加(数字)
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Hi I have create a calendar with fullcallendar and I have implemented in my app. I have a problem when I am adding event to the calendar, the refreshing is blinking the calendar. I am using a recursive custom function to add events Can I stop that blink?? to appear directly.   I am using FM 16 and windows 10.