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  Need a Way to Send SMS/Text Messages from FileMaker? We have released a new update for the 360Works Email Plugin, version 3.1, allowing you to send text messages from FileMaker leveraging technology from Amazon Web Services along with improvements to the plugin when used on Windows. We like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as you may have
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I'm finding FM17 a bit more sluggish than FM16, especially in Layout mode.  I think the new fixed tools on the side are imposing a bit more startup time building the object browser and field lists.  But I'm also feeling like things are slower in Browse mode.  I have not updated my primary server to FMS17 yet, so that may be a
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Hii Guys, I have two questions. I will be thankful if someone give answer of the following quires 1) I have Ticket table (ticket number and Modifier fields) and Default table ( Account Filed). I want if the login user make some changing in ticket table the name of that person will automatically show in modifier field. I use record Commit Trigger
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I have a file with many layouts and scripts and links to other files... I would like to move its data onto a separate data only file and keep using the original file but now using the data from the separate data file.   What would be the best way to go about it without breaking links and scripts, etc?   Thank you for your help
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I'm trying to do a custom export to Excel whereby I can customise the column headings and not use the standard FileMaker field names, as well as including a total summary row at the end. To do this I've created a reporting table that I populate with the required records, including a total record at the end and the first record contains the column