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I just want some reasons why not to use my recovered file after I processed it and the Dialog told me not to use it because of 2 error/warnings.   The reason why I wanted to recover the file was because I couldn't see the value lists anymore  and  an hour later FileMaker crashed when I was working on a new TO. I took the file

Hi. I have a text formatted date in mysql table that is from PayPal. I need to make a calc field to get it as a normal date field or something more reliable as a filemaker date format.   payment_date: 12:17:41 Feb 22, 2018 PST   my calcs so far:   payment_date_get_as_date: Feb 22, 2018 the calc: MiddleWords ( payment_date ; 2 ;
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I am wanting to create something that allows my users to send messages to each other from their respective computers and that has a bubble notification that pops up when they have an unread message. Is this something that anyone would know how to do? I have a messages layout that accomplishes most of what I need other than the notification letting