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Thinking about another App Innovations article. Basically, this article would just be simple example using a micro-service: Create your own Data API (with no extra $ potentially leaving your wallet - "Metering").   So, from ANY application, not just FMP, you could use a REST-based interface to pass a couple parameters and a SQL statement and
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Hey team! I'm about to purchase a new machine for my server. My company is growing fast with a lot of web clients.   I am leaning toward a Mac Pro (maxed out) since all of my non-web-based employees are 100% in the mac universe, but I know I can get better and faster hardware using a PC. I'm torn and I'm looking for suggestions.  
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Hello FM Community,   I'm trying to set up a simple PSoS to perform finds on the Server side, but the error I'm getting is: "[400] find criteria are empty". I'm completely new to PSoS, so does this mean that I have to pass along the "search criteria" to the server for it to perform the find? I hope not, because there are multiple fields that