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I am a new developer and new to filemaker. I have inherited a database which is roughly 12GB as a backup, 17GB on the server. It is used primarily to keep track of sales of product at trade shows which are done all over the country. From what I understand (having talked with a FM Developer) it's a real mess. It generally runs really slow. The main

I would like to know if FMP could transform, say 272592 in 6 fields each with a single number: 2 - 7 - 2 - 5 - 9 - 2
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Before I commit to DevCon this year, while being on a very tight budget. What would you veterans recommend as a first time attendee.   The whole kit an kabudle, or the 3 Day for $1299, or the 2 Day for $999. I might be able to squeeze in the training day as well.   What say you?   Thank you for any insight gleaned,   Drew
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I'm using a return separated text list for scripted Finds.  I use a scripted substitute function as well for the same list.   I'm not sure how to be precise in what is found or replaced.  I can think of some convoluted ways to do this with formatting or by having another table, but a simple text field is so fast and easy, it'd be