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OK, deep philosophical debate:   let( someJSONobject = JSONSetElement ( "" ; "aNumber" ; aNumberField ; JSONNumber ) ; JSONGetElement ( someJSONobject ; "aNumber" ) )   if the field "aNumberField" has a value in it, the result of the above calculation will be that value. All good.  If the field "aNumberField" has no value in
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I have a single barcode label that I need to print (2,000 -4,000) times on my label printer. The data will be the same for all labels.   I have a quantity field that contains how many labels need to be printed. The quantity will change on every job.   I can’t seem to find a way to directly link in with the printer setup to place
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Hello FM Community,   is there another link for the FileMaker Server 17 recommended specifications for hardware? The Technical Specifications | FileMaker Server 17 doesn't mention anything specific about SSD or HDD or minimum disk I/O?   Hardware requirements  A dedicated computer is recommended for FileMaker Server. Minimum