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We have Set Field Name by Calculation, but nothing where we can set a variable name by calculation.  I've several times run into when it would be convenient to Set Variable by Calculation.    The case scenario I have today is a print job.  Due to iOS, Mac and Windows all needing to print, we send the print jobs to a Print Que

I am using the Export Records script step to export a file of tab-separated values.  These are payment instructions for my bank which has very specific requirements for the data format.   I'm using FileMaker 16 on current Mac OS, and the line breaks in the exported file are Mac OS 'Carriage Returns'.  The bank's system doesn't see
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Hi,   Super Rookie here.   I'm trying to come up with a calculation in a table that does the following:   I have a Table named "Fruit Grades". Fields in table are: 'Types' ;  = types of fruits ("Apple", "Orange", "Banana" and "Other") 'Grade A', = # of 'Grade B'  = # of 'Grade C' = # of   Essentially I