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I finally get my FMS16 & FMP 16 working~~~ spend nearly 72 hours on this! Thank you for bigtom & wimdecorte & CarlSchwarz's help!!!!   Next challenge is to make FileMaker WebDirect working. Now when I type the url:   I can see my hosting database, but after I clicked the database, an error message occurs, see… (Show more)
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Hello Board,   This might be a very stupid question, but it's been slowing my process for a while now.   Here I have two tables : (same name == same property) TABLE A _pk Property_1 Property_2 Property_3 Property_A Property_B   TABLE B _fkA_item Property_1 Property_2 Property_3   The main difference is that I can put B_Items in… (Show more)
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In my solution, a 'Send Mail' script step that includes specification of an attachment works in OS 10.10.5, but fails to include the attachment when sending mail in a 10.12.6 environment. A client reported this to me.   I have verified this report and have tested the exact same code (FMPA 13) in both environments. 10.12.6 clearly handles the… (Show more)
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This is an ongoing issue for us.    The scripts aren't being deleted anymore.  I think 16.0.3 solved that issue, but we are still losing our custom menu set and value lists.   The only thing I've been able to do is restore from backup and manually search for modified data to import from the damaged copy.   FileMaker server 16.0.3 running on… (Show more)
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I have a main web order file. I have a live job file. I have a completed file. Lastly I have a lot of archive files by year. I have staff accessing via FMP client those files. I have webdirect clients access those same files. My only problem is my FMP clients have lost their keychain automatic login not because they don't use it, because the only… (Show more)
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I’m working on an solution that is fairly complex and comprehensive. It’s intended -eventually- to enable management of many parts of a trucking business.   I want to keep my table structure as efficient as possible. I’d like to set up one table for Contacts, but that seems impossible, even through multiple instances of the same table.  … (Show more)
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Hi everyone,   Table A contains a date field named "DateField" who's value I want to copy into a field in a layout in context of Table C. Table B contains a field called "Datefield" ( note the lower case "f"). From my layout in context of Table C, in the Lookup Feld Dialog"  I can choose fields from Table B but not Table A. Should I do an… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have the FDS development server and use FMP (for user connection) on a different computer. From time to time I get this dialog: In the past I would simply type the Account Name and Password for the server and was able to carry on working... but since maybe a week, I always get I know what I typed is good, because I can start the… (Show more)
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In testing the new FileMaker 16 Data API we can successfully create a new order record with the typical name:value pairs. Example: "Problem Codes": "Cracked_screen",   But we can't send array information without getting an error message. We have a client who wants to send data this way. Example: "Problem Codes": ["Cracked_screen","water"], but… (Show more)
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Siroos Jafary
Hi everybody,   I tried to use the native insert from url function of FM to post cURL requests to Stripe API with no success.   So I decided to use BE_HTTP_Get function of BaseElemet plugin.   The problem is that this function only accepts  filename, username and password as function parameters.   My question is how do we pass cURL options… (Show more)
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