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I am a compleet noob to databases - loving the process of learning though - sorry if this is a stupid question   I have created a database that contains several tables including the following . Children Observation Records I need to be able to track the observation records and compare them to a criteria that counts the  number of observations and… (Show more)
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Here in the UK out tax collector, HMRC are haphazardly trying to introduce "Making Tax Digital" (MTD). I believe there is a similar thing in the USA. The objective is that all accounting records should be held digitally and that certain summary numbers must be communicated to HMRC via API tools.   My limited knowledge of this is that the (REST)… (Show more)
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Hi, I am new to FileMaker and I am having problems with a database I have created to manage equipment records. When I change data in one layout I would like the data to be changed in all 3 of my layouts. i.e. when I change the GPN 81749300 in the pump details layout, I would like the change to be carried across to the Plant Items layout and the… (Show more)
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I have two table occurrences of the table Contacts and a join table called Relationship, related in the following way:   Contacts::ContactID = Relationship::ContactIDfk1 Related|Contacts::ContactID = Relationship::ContactIDfk2   I have a portal on the main Contacts layout to display related contacts and would like to programme a button to add a… (Show more)
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I noticed no one appears to have any points with their avatar.  Were they all reset to 0? Just wondering...
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Hi   i am fairly new to FM, having migrated from MS Access.   This is probably really simple to most of you but please bear with me.   how do I suppress empty fields when extracting addresses for letters/mailing labels etc.   Acess just ignored them but FM insists on putting them in, even if empty.   Sorry if this is elementary to most of… (Show more)
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how can we have a timer on our project? when we press the button timer start and stop too like iPhone stopwatch.     
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Hi,   I need some help. Here is a breakdown of my database. I have a Database where we keep track of People, which institution they studied / worked at and whether they published any papers. So how i have it set up is this way. I have the following tables: People People_Roles (Where we select the Institution, Department & Year attended)… (Show more)
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So I am not sure if i am asking this question right. But I am working on a database that tracks those that Apply to us. While i have much of the database setup to my needs, i am looking for insights on how to complete the following:   So when the applicant completes and sends us the handwritten application I enter it into the Database.. ok… (Show more)
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Hi guys,   I upgraded my iMac to Sierre after FMS 10.0.1 installed and then Webdirect failed to connect, FM Go is fine. And now not only cannot connect with WebDirect, even cannot show start page and test page as well after 10.0.3 update installed. Any idea?   Thanks
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