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I thought I'd share a tiny technique that I use occasionally.   Sometimes I need to pause a script for a certain amount of time, let's say half a second. You can use the Pause/Resume Script script step:   Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 0.5 ]   But Pause/Resume Script has some side effects: It often allows user interaction during the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,   in a script, I want to get all repetitions of a field in a list. It supposed to work. Thing is I only get the first repetition. Here is one step in the script:   This is the current record:     As you can see, there are 9 repetitions. Well this is what I get in $ListeDateDebut:   If I do the same in the DataViewer Watch tab:  … (Show more)
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What are the script steps to drag and drop a csv or xlsx file and then import it as records into fields? I presume the user drags a file into a global container, I have to then use FileMaker decode/encode? script step to convert the bianary file to csv or xlsx file, then import it using an import script step with a saved field import order. See… (Show more)
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Hi   I hope Im posting this in the right place. I am a novice at importing XML Files into Filemaker using XLST format files. I have been sucessful at importing individual Fields from an XML File with an XLST Format File but I dont understand what syntax I need in the XLST Format File to import a recurring XML field into a repating field in my… (Show more)
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Johan Hedman
Click to view content  I took a snapshot out of Clients in FMSAC for FMS17. A php-user running a script where the users IP is [:   This looks more to me like a smile face then some useful information. Is there a reason for the [: ?
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Hey everyone,   Thought I’d post something that’s been a bit boggling for us over here. Tried to search, but haven’t found anything along the same exact lines. We’re having an issue with sporadically unretrievable container content (PDF files). Maybe someone has experienced this before and has insight into where the issue might lie-whether it’s… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   I am thinking to buy GoDaddy SSL certification for my customer's servers. The package that I want to buy is "Protect Multiple Websites (UCC/SAN)" - Up to 5 sites (you can see the option on the link below).   My question… (Show more)
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I am working on a solution to collect fairly short, weekly surveys from students using a web interface. Web hosting resources are limited to a WordPress blog site. I have access to the full Qualtrics suite as well as Formidable Forms plugin for WordPress. Has anyone had experience successfully implementing either of these to automatically import… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm importing ~100,000 contact records from Excel using FMs import feature. It took 16 hours. I'm sure calc fields and indexes have a lot to do with that, but was wondering if there is anything that can be done to speed it up.   Cheers,   Pete
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Hi all,   Let me explain,   I have to use several e-mail templates and i want to work with bookmarks, so i can find a field in a text string and convert (merge) it back to data from that field.   What have i done so far,   Made a simple table with e-mail templates, in a record the field header and a field body. (and an id of course)   The… (Show more)
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