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Hi,   I just bought a FDS subscription. I got the link to the download page but there is no mention of the Data Migration Tool.   Where do I go ?   Is there a site that I can login to FDS and perhaps sees my account and a link to download the tool &   Thank you in advance for your help.   Pierre
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[X-posted to Filemaker Users on Facebook] Wondering if anyone is running FMS17 and experiencing FMSE hangup issues. We took an FMS 15 (Windows Server 2012) install to FMS16 (Windows Server 2016) and are getting a lot of bogged down scripts on the server side. We see numerous "ghost" clients still connected - server side routines still trying to… (Show more)
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I’m probably not supposed to ask this, but does anyone have a timeframe for when FM Cloud 1.17 will be released?  They’ve temporarily suspended BYOL licensing in preparation, so I don’t think its that far out.
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G'day I am preparing my Devcon 2018 session and have a question for the community:   What is your naming convention for primary and foreign key fields?   I have my own convention and will share it later after some responses here. I also have some (strong) opinions about some naming conventions out there   Anyway, interested in any… (Show more)
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Andy Hibbs
I find it incredible that searching on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within this forum provides 3 results. These new regulations being introduced by the European Parliament will take effect on 25th May 2018, leaving us with less than 6 months to comply.   This will affect, not only people within Europe, but anyone working with… (Show more)
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Hello!   I am currently trying to autopopulate all keys currently held by a profile in a portal called active keys, but the portal remains empty. I've checked my relationships about a dozen times with no luck. The Personnel Layout is based on the profiles table. Any tips?   All the best,   Jesse  
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I have been attempting to export a .csv from one hosted file for import into another hosted file.   the file location specified for the export -  file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv" the file location specified for the import -  file:Get(DocumentsPath) & "pmexport.csv"   The export appears to be successful since I no longer get an Error… (Show more)
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To manage the widow orphan issue, I have put all my summary fields in the body and I hide them based on the record number within its category. Client did not like having the subtotals under the last record because if in one category there was only one item you would end up with an overkill.   The new selected arrangement is to put it near its… (Show more)
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Why doesn't FMPA17 import html-files anymore with the scriptstap Import Records from a folder of text files???   René
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Hi, please help me.  I have FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0 v5 and have just upgraded my iMac to High Sierra 10.13.4 and I can't get my FileMaker to open.  It gives me the dialog box to choose my database but when I do it just closes, then I get the option to send a report to Apple. Can someone help me please?  Does the Pro Advanced not work on High… (Show more)
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