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I'm trying to substitute NAMEFIRST with the first name of the contact in an html text string.     <p class="p1"><span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>Hi FirstName,</p> <p class="p1">With apologies for sending this along before speaking with you directly, I hope you will take a look at our software program, as it has been an antidote for… (Show more)
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Is anyone currently having issues with Worldcloud hosting?  We have used them for the past seven years, and have had a few interruptions in service, most of which were resolved soon enough.  This time service has  been down for a month and a half with no response to several work tickets and messages left.  I am wondering if they are out of… (Show more)
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Does anyone know anything about WorldCloud or Joe King? The website is down, at least one of the FileMaker servers is down, the ftp site is down, they haven't responded to tickets for weeks, their voicemailboxes are full (though I was able to leave a message with the answering service earlier).   If anyone is using their service or knows that any… (Show more)
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hi I just installed the Filemaker Server 17 and in the Admin Console. My databases are not password protected and I would like to keep it that way, as my users will use Active Directory Authentication once they open the app.   I have hosted these databases in Filemaker 15, but could not find the option to turn off this feature in Filemaker… (Show more)
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Issue with importing numbers from Excel spreadsheet.  Example: The data on the Excel spreadsheet is 1.100 but it imports 1.1000000000000000888 in to the field in Filemaker.  Why is this happening?
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I have a website that is making REST API requests to a filemaker server.   The filemaker server is running Filemaker 16 on a Mac Pro .   For the most part it is running smoothly. However, under load (I think), Filemaker starts to return 502 Bad Gateway errors instead of the JSON responses I expect.   It seems like filemaker or the server is… (Show more)
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Hallo zusammen, wie würdet ihr folgende Problematik lösen. Ich müßte Datensätze "festschreiben", also gegen jegliche Änderung sperren. Gibt es dafür überhaupt eine Möglichkeit? Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe.   Filemaker 16, High Sierra
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Hi All,   I'm new to Filemaker (ok with Access though!) and I'm trying to populate multiple fields using a single QR Code being scanned using an iPad.   I'm using IDAutomation software within a long standing Access database to generate a QR code. I have coded ~d009 [Tab] (and tried ~d013 [Carriage Return]) into the QR code in an attempt to get… (Show more)
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Is it possible to create ODBC connection to mongoDB database ?  Can anyone share their experience if any  ?   I am doing some development using the MEAN stack ..   I would really excited about integrating the datbase with FM ....
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Hi I hope i can get some help from Filemaker friends  with  PHP on the belt, since  upgrade to filemaker 17 my api i cant get the right PHP syntax working, like before I know there are some php api already done,  but I found them to hard  for PHP starters. And for this project i dont need all that, its a simple landing page with php.   And… (Show more)
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