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I have a lot of question fields that can be answered by the user, it's however not always sure which questions will be filled in and which will be skipped.   To get a good overview of the answered questions, I would like to display them (questions and answers) in a scrollable text field named "Questions Summary", without showing any empty space… (Show more)
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HI, I am new to filemaker. I am wondering is there any good naming method when we manage the style in a themes. Currently, I am using Field 1A,Field 1B etc to name the style. A and B are used to distinguish the border combination of a field. CheckBox1/DropDownList1/PopUpMenu1....   If I name the style too long such as Font8_Center_Bold, is it… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am hoping someone could give me some help.   I currently have Filemaker Server set up on a mac mini which is connected to the web on a dynamic ip using DynDns. I move the set up from temporary location to location where I work.   I understand this is not the ideal set up, but it serves my purpose.  I often work in remote areas without… (Show more)
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I have a file in which Applescript can no longer read any field. "Object not found" for any field. Not happening in other files. Restore says it found no problems.   Any other fixes? I did a lot of work today since yesterday's backup.   Thanks.
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Click to view contentMy gig database includes a join table that sits between Gigs (booking events) and Songbook (list of songs). The Join serves as a per gig set list tool. In the join table are fields for Set and Slot to create multiple sets. These fields, along with SongID (from Songbook) to identify the song, SongSort (song title), Stop/End keys, duration, tempo,… (Show more)
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I've played around with the FileMaker Data API and can use FileMaker or Postman to make Data API calls successfully.  But I would like to see an example of a web page with Javascript that can call the Data API including getting the token and return data to be used in an HTML web page.  Does someone have an example of a web page with Javascript in… (Show more)
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I have a table of events generated with a record each event. I have some events that use fixed days. An event on Monday, two Tuesdays ... etc. Every Monday, ... every Tuesday or Wednesday ... always the same.I'm undecided on how to do it. Do I need to generate records? I don't think it's the best way, but if I don't create records I can't have… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI am using the FileMaker iOS SDK to turn my FileMaker Go solution into an iOS app we call OSAEMR. Everything is going great, but I have run into a problem I'm not sure how to fix.   In my solution, I want users to be able to establish a link to Dropbox so they can upload files. To do that, I created a Dropbox App and got a Dropbox app "key". I… (Show more)
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hallo,   ich möchte gerne aus einer liste mit ausgaben (negative zahlen-werte) und einnahmen (positive zahlen-werte) mit einer formel jeweils nur die negativen werte in je einem weiteren feld summieren bzw. die positiven. habe also ein feld »einnahmen-ausgaben« und möchte die werte jeweils nach positivem und negativem vorzeichen summieren...  … (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi all,   I am trying to export an excel file from a Report Layout. Below you can find a sample of my report and also an example how the excel should be like where i also need the summary fields at the end of the excel exported rows.         Is there a way you can get this done? Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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