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HI all! Try as I might, I haven't found the answer to this question, but it can't possibly be unique!   First thing first: I'm using FMPro 9 on a Mac. (I know it's old but it works, so far...)   Basically, I would like to concatenate into a new, single field in ONE record the contents of a different field across MULTIPLE records; the contents of… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I am trying to make a button for our Ordering Team to be able to Re-create a previous order.   Now the original order form contains a normal record and then a portal. The portal contains the 'Part Numbers; and such - whereas the other section contains company name, order date and other generic fields.   Now I've set my script up so… (Show more)
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- I am running a 64-bit version of FMP15 on a 64-bit Windows 7 platform - I've installed 64-bit Oracle drivers.  They show up and configure fine in SYSWOW/odbca32.exe - However, when I run FMP15 I cannot see the configured driver (blank)   Any ideas?
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Hi guys,   I'm searching for this solution, but can't find anywhere online. I want to find Invoice that has 'Open' status, and save the found sets as a list, so I can use it on another table. I want capture the invoice number list like this: 1,2, 3, 4, 5.... I figured until step 5.   For example: 1. Go to layout.... 2. Enter Find Mode....… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am our systems manager -- we utilize FileMaker Server and are currently on FM 16.  I am not the database administrator but was wondering how I can manage PHP with FileMaker Server.  Previously I was using a PHP plugin for IIS that I could easily upgrade & switch between PHP versions.  Is there any documentation on managing PHP outside… (Show more)
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When using FM Server global containers are session specific ... but is the container data stored only on the user's computer or is it temporarily uploaded to the server?   With WebDirect access ... if the user does not logoff properly ... is there any situation that would cause the global container data to be stored in the program rather than… (Show more)
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I'm trying to add location 'pinpoints' to a solution to show exactly where a fault job has been recorded, I receive the fault details in excel format which has general area details and Long/Lat for precise locations.   I've almost got the solution fully working by importing all the data from the spreadsheet without issue, with the exception of… (Show more)
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Ciao, è possibile visualizzare contemporaneamente i dati di due tabelle in un unico formato? Pensavo di usare un portale ma visualizza solo i dati di tabelle correlate, devo creare una "finta relazione"?   Per capire l'esigenza la situazione è questa: ho una tabella con degli ordini da archiviare e una tabella con altri documenti da archiviare… (Show more)
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Is there no way to determine a user’s ability to create new or delete existing records prior to trying?   Somehow I thought the function Get ( RecordAccess) would provide more detail about this, but it is not as helpful as I’d thought.   I’ve used custom menus, and mapped them to FMP’s built-in commands, ever since they came out. They’re great… (Show more)
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I've never attended a DevCon before and would love to. Should I register Early Bird, what am I looking at for attendance cost?
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