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I have updated my blog post and demo file regarding the Data API for FileMaker 17.   Using REST and cURL with FileMaker 17’s Data API – beezwax > blog   The demo has been completely refactored for 17 compatibility plus includes details regarding differences between the 16 and 17 APIs plus a few gotchas.   The post and demo file were a beezwax… (Show more)
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FM 15 advanced, Windows 7.   In Runtime mode, a 'send event' script step returns an error code of 0, but the application fails to open. Executes normally when not in Runtime mode   I put a 'show custom dialog' script step as the first step in the application to be opened, but it doesn't display.   This had executed normally in Runtime mode up… (Show more)
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Folks What is the proper technique to update the schema of a database on a Standby server, when you make schema changes to a database on the Primary server?   How about this: delete the database on the standby server, replace it with a recent backup copy from the primary server (one which does contain your schema changes) ?   Does one have to… (Show more)
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Hi, I have a table with a price-history for articles. Looks like this:   Nr date_from date_to price 1 30.04.2018 14.04.2018 33 2 01.04.2018 29.04.2018 35 3 01.01.2018 31.03.2018 30   If a newer entry is missed, so the latest entry should be valid for the price My job is to find out the valid/actual price for that article, if a customer buy… (Show more)
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To manage the widow orphan issue, I have put all my summary fields in the body and I hide them based on the record number within its category. Client did not like having the subtotals under the last record because if in one category there was only one item you would end up with an overkill.   The new selected arrangement is to put it near its… (Show more)
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I've got a small database, just started using it a few weeks ago. As we were starting out, I learned a bit about how to relate records - but we have not been using primary keys/foreign keys to relate records. As we move to using FM 17, I'm looking for advice and guidance on:   1) Can I add primary keys (using something Get UUID) to the existing… (Show more)
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I'm trying to get Web Direct (multiple machines) working on  FileMaker Server 17. Running on Windows Server 2016. Worker machine is in dmz outside firewall. I connected the worker machine to the master using worker deployment assistant and got "Successfully Connected" Used FQDNs when connecting to master. Certificates successfully imported.… (Show more)
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Happy Monday. For this year's DevCon, I'm doing a half-day training on JavaScript (and the web viewer) and our use of it in FileMaker. I wrote about the training session and the fact that we can all do JavaScript here: A FileMaker Developer Can Learn Javascript - Geist Interactive   I'm convinced everyone here can learn JS enough to use it in… (Show more)
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Andy Hibbs
We're receiving many reports from our customers on our RemoteApp servers that their FileMaker solutions have slowed down to a point of being unusable.   This has been acknowledged by Microsoft and they are actively engaging in community forums. Unfortunately, uninstalling this update hasn't necessarily resolved the problem.   We've just emailed… (Show more)
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G'day I am preparing my Devcon 2018 session and have a question for the community:   What is your naming convention for primary and foreign key fields?   I have my own convention and will share it later after some responses here. I also have some (strong) opinions about some naming conventions out there   Anyway, interested in any… (Show more)
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