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I'd like to show, in list view, the total count of records who's field "Selected" has a value of 1. When many records are shown, the number of selected records is 20, but only 19 have the flag set. See screenshots below... here in this list, there are exactly 19 (nineteen) records whose flag is selected (green check mark). BUT: the count is… (Show more)
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I'm writing a script that is to find and copy the number value found to another field. I'm using the Right and Position Functions get the number value.   I'm testing each section of the script in the Data Viewer and I've run into a problem and need help with the Position function.  The Position function is used to find a "-" Dash then the Right… (Show more)
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I have a large db of contact names, and I am developing a small application to print out name tags. Here's a current label preview:     Simple image container, and three fields First[name], Last[name], MaidenName.  I want to be able to change the large text First field to a NickName (e.g. Janet goes by "Jan") just before the label for that… (Show more)
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I just purchased two copies of filemaker because I was assured that my bento files would migrate.  unfortunately, my systems are all 10.10 0r later. where do I send my files to be migrated to filemaker?
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Hi everyone.   I am moving from bento to FM and I am shocked about loosing the superb synchronization in bento. Does anyone knows how to syncronize FM go and FMpro 13? I intent to get the same feature than in bento: i.e. I modify some records in computer, I modify others in the iPhone and when sync, both databases make fusion and no data is… (Show more)
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All - hoping for some help with a calculation. I've searched on the community and perhaps not searching for the right wording, but cannot seem to find a relevant answer. I am needing to do the calcuation below:   Starting with (FIELD 1)Text: Каска защитная Style 300;#27;#Каска защитная Style 600;#28;#Наушники Zone с креплением на… (Show more)
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I have been requested by our IT department to remove the Technology Test page from our server installation. I can not seem to find where or how that page is generated, nor do I see a way to disable it. Can anyone help?
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Hello   I am trying to create an inventory page updated every week per customer, along with its summary page. Currently I have the following: Customer, Item, Last Inventory Level,  Amt Used, Amt Replenished, This week Inventory.   Customer A, Apple, 10, -5, +15, 20 Orange, 5, -1, +6, 5 Banana, 20, -10, +10, 20   and another page with… (Show more)
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Hi,   I wanted to reach out and ask for some input.   I am developing a large relational DB. I was thinking about creating modules ( standalone DB that relates to a larger one ) or just one large DB for all records.   What's better?   Mac OS X environment   All Macs Mac server hosting FM server Mac clients FM 16 5 Remote users within the… (Show more)
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I'm having issues with a perform find action.   The problem occurs in a script, but also just in find mode. I'm sure the values exist, so a perform find should give me a result.  But that's not the case. "No records match criteria" is the message.   Below you find my script.  It works like a charm when using textfields. As soon as I look for… (Show more)
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