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I would like to use SnapShot to enable outside of organization folks to see only data pertaining to them.   This would entail logging into the database with an account that can do searches, and then creating a Snapshot that includes only the relevant records.   Create a SnapShot that will connect with a different login account Ideally, when the… (Show more)
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Hello Dears,   I am beginner to use Filemaker pro, I Created visitors system how can getting data from reader (HID Omnikey) to fill the fields automatically like first name, middle name ,and  ID Number (Emirates ID). how can make script for this issue? note: i am live in untied Arab Emirates.
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How to: I need my Bank Balance to retain previous record amount. Can I do this without a Script or is that the best way?
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We have FMS 15 on OSX. I am trying to setup for CWP with PHP.   We have an existing Apache server and PHP applications at /Library/WebServer/Documents. Hence, I copied the "FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone" folder contents to the root of this existing web server.   Using a simple PHP script for testing: <code> <?php require_once('FileMaker.php');… (Show more)
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Hello all,   I just noticed that when you give a password to a file it still allows the user to change this password. (see attached) I would like to hide this possibility. So the user if given the  Password can not change it.   Looking forward to your help.
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We upgraded FileMaker Server from 14 to 16. The following script worked fine on 14, but will not work on 16. Newbie, would appreciate some insight. The artwork for custom orders is stored on another server and we are trying to send the file as an attachment to an email. Worked fine until the upgrade.
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I am building a portal with definable column labels and definable row names, this works fine, my problem is my data is not formatted so I can assign in sequence to the correct column. With ExecuteSQL I'm bringing back some distinct values from a table to be used as portal column labels, example   $$yLabels = Active Inactive Lost Won   With a… (Show more)
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I have a short report layout that totals the number of members by category, and the report looks OK except for the too wide footer or trailing grand summary total area (the large grey area at the bottom).   In the layout inspector, I see how I can change the report width, but the height dimension can't be changed.   Just getting back into making… (Show more)
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What should I do to remove red close button on the top right corner of windows?
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can I have the sum of some fields through a portal filter? If I have two portals side by side with different filters and one of the fields of the portal were numeric I would like to have the sum influenced by the filter so as to have two different numbers under each portal each of which is the sum of the same number field, but with a different… (Show more)
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