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I have a solution which works already a couple of years as it should. It’s originally build in FM11. All of a sudden since working with FileMaker 16 we stumble into a problem where, instead of deleting some related records, the whole related table is empty. The procedure behind the button (deleting a record if some criteria are met) has not been… (Show more)
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Dear Developers, Greetings!!!   I am working on my Client's FileMaker Application and facing a weird Error. There is a layout that has multiple container fields on. When I navigate to this layout (via script or manually from layout list), 2 PDF files from container field opens automatically. Sometime same thing happens on scrolling too. I am… (Show more)
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FMA 16.03 I am creating a Chart using Execute SQL. Fields used in this: Constant        Number         = 1 Unit                Text                = various text (Engine 1, Ladder 3, Truck 4…) Shift                Text                = A, B, C, D (work period of incident) Type_Call      Text                = Cardiac Alert, Cardiac Arrest,… (Show more)
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Does anyone have a sample shellscript that is harmless to use but allows testing as a scheduled system script from FMSAT?   I have issues getting one to work on OSX 10.12.5 and FMSv16. It is a simple one to change a folder permission but it does not work as hoped, it just hangs in FMSAT untill the time limit is reached. Logs show nothng … (Show more)
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In my projects it seems when i open a layout for the first time there is no record shown on the screen, however if i exit that layout and return to it at a later time (without ever leaving the application) the last record that was displayed is shown in the fields on the screen. I want to open a layout and have the fields showing with no… (Show more)
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I am trying to set up a webviewer as a tool to retrieve the path of a file that gets dropped there. This works like a charm as long as the webviewer is set to display a URL, but not if it displays a fixed text. In detail:   Scenario 1: Have a webviewer display "". Drag a local file on the webviewwer, then… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am building a mobile app to go with my desktop app. The mobile app will be accessed via FM Go on an iPad by field engineers. I want the guys to to be able to annotate a diagram with little blobs for test positions. The base diagram will be chosen from say 6 options, but the blobs they are adding could be absolutely anywhere on the base… (Show more)
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We are developing a new filemaker system alongside an existing MS SQL based system.   An issue has occurred when querying one particular table.  It would appear that it can only be addressed by appending a blank space to the end to the table name.   We have renamed the file and checked that there is no space in the name field.   Has anyone else… (Show more)
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Java 155   Hi Do not install Java 155. WebDirect is not working, it happend in my server.    
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I have a calculation issue. Here is what I currently have: ================= Substitute ( [TextField-A]; [CalculationField-B] ; TextColor ( Play Copy2; RGB ( 255; 0; 0))) ================= It is case sensitive in that when searching for "Bob" it will only return on "Bob." However, I need it to return on: -He bobbed in the water -Bob -BOB… (Show more)
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