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This is about a script that qualifies people for a certain position.   I have a lay-out with people, a position ID and a qualification between 0 and 9(highest). E.g. a person is qualified for a developer position (0003) as 8. The long script has an issue, so I copied it and stripped out everything that has got nothing to do with the issue.  … (Show more)
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I have a database that displays PDFs from container fields in a Global container field.  When the Firewall is turned on my local/internal Mac Mini development server,  the Global field does not display the PDF.  If I turn off the Firewall the script works correctly and the PDF is displayed.   The script is simple. Set Field[ GlobalContainer ;… (Show more)
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Title Return Dates as in eg. the First Thursday in December Post Greetings Can anyone tell me what calculation expressions I would use to return the day and date of the first Thusday of a given month? We have a lot of meetings that occur in that fashion. eg. 1st Monday of the month, 1st and 3rd Thursday's of the month, 2nd and 4th… (Show more)
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In previous version of FM server we could quite easily view Clients stats to identify which client was clogging things up with a silly find or similar resource hungry actions.   And disconnect them /speak to them about it.   Whats the preferred way of identifying these offending clients now with FM17 and the absence of the client stats from the… (Show more)
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Not to sound paranoid, but what's the point of this Apple dictate? Is it so that in some future version (once we've got used to putting up with it) we're forced to upgrade immediately with every version or we won't be able to log in?   I don't see the point of us not having the choice; am I missing something?
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Hi, everyone! When I work with radio-buttons, I always have a little bit unsatisfied feelings.Though it's easy to use, there's a situation that I cannot find out which item is selected clearly at a glance. All items are same color and the dot(circle) indicating selected is small. To solve these issues, I made custom radio-buttons which use… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have been trying for hours to connect the local FileMaker Advanced 17 client to the FileMaker server 2017 on AWS (t2.large dual core 8GB ram). It tries to connect (green bar moving) but fails after a while. How can I fix this?   I have opened the following inbound ports on AWS: 80 5003 443 16000 16001 16002 3389   I have… (Show more)
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I never had this problem before, but since I started FM this morning, the mouse pointer stays only visible as a text insert pointer. I cannot get the arrow pointer back, so everywhere I click no matter where, a text field is placed on the layout. I went into other modes, running the project, restarting FM, but nothing helps. Is this a bug?
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I am having a BEAR of a time connecting my iPad using Filemaker GO 17 onto my MBP.  I've read other similar posts and implemented corrected activities, including:   1) adding security to the Filemaker Pro 17 file on the MBP 2) port forwarding to 5003 3) static IP address on router   I even played around with a VPN, to no avail.  No matter what I… (Show more)
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Andy Hibbs
We're receiving many reports from our customers on our RemoteApp servers that their FileMaker solutions have slowed down to a point of being unusable.   This has been acknowledged by Microsoft and they are actively engaging in community forums. Unfortunately, uninstalling this update hasn't necessarily resolved the problem.   We've just emailed… (Show more)
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