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I don't have a lot of experience working with Server and based on client feedback they would like a temporary table created, with just the pertinent fields showing to make the importing of information from Excel docs (a standard practice) easier for entry level staff.  It's a valid request I can see with just a limited number of fields showing the… (Show more)
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My team has a FM Database, running on server 16, which utilizes a RESTFm / JSON API to support a web application. The API only passes 15 - 20 fields per record, and at the high side 1200-2000 records for a single request. This request takes some time to come back, on average 6-10 seconds, but more importantly when making requests to the API,… (Show more)
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NULL has a specific meaning in SQL that is distinct from "empty" or "nothing there".   NULL in SQL means undefined.   This means that if you try to use a field with NULL values in a where clause, unless you specifically check for IS NULL, and ONLY for IS NULL, record that have that field as null will not be returned.   Say you request select *… (Show more)
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Hello All, I'm using FMPro 14 advanced in Windows 10. Currently i'm working on a db to allow users to create file numbers used in the department. Along the way (to ease data entry) I managed to get the next number (sequential number) into the field. I did that with the summary field (max). This posed the problem when multiple users are creating… (Show more)
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Does anyone have a bill pays solution that would connect to a banking institution that can receive  electronic checks kind of like a bill pay solution at Bank of America or Chase Bank has?   I would like to take injuries in her file maker accounting system and send them electronically to be Vendors?
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Hi All   I am trying to export a file and then import the data into a 3rd party system   The data is purchasing data and the critical information is   Item, Qty, Price   I have read a number of threads on here and tried a number of solutions   Bev suggested in a thread to create a calculated field containing the data and comma's which I did,… (Show more)
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Needs suggestions.   Converted FM5 to FM11 to FM 17.  I essentially rewrote the application as part of the effort and am experiencing database issues.  Here's one.  A primary key field that is defined as auto-enter serial number will jump to numbers out of sequence.   I suspect that the data should be exported and then re-imported into an… (Show more)
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Attempting to upload an 80 GB database file to FMC 17. Runs for many hours, then fails. Anyone else had this issue? Workarounds?   Thanks,   Jason Sanders
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Version: FM Advanced 14.0.6 System: MacOSX 10.10.5 BE version: 3.3.4     Hello, I am trying something as simple as adding a single attachment to an email via BE. BE plug-in 3.3 and up has an elegant function for attaching multiple files to an email. A function lacking in FM. Combining "BE_SMTP_Send ( from ; to ; subject ; text { ; cc ; bcc ;… (Show more)
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I have a simple checking ledger solution that I need to run reports on.   But I can’t figure out how to get where I need to be  in order to set a variable for the balance amount before I run the report.   So, lets say the report is to start on the 1st of the month.   And I need to get the ending balance from the 29th of the month before the… (Show more)
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