New FileMaker licensing programs

Blog Post created by dominiquegoupil on May 15, 2018

With the launch of the FileMaker 17 Platform today, we are pleased to announce new licensing programs that replace our previous programs. The primary new offering is called FileMaker User Licensing. It is available now from the FileMaker Store or your preferred reseller partner.


The FileMaker User Licensing program is platform centric rather than product centric. Customers do not need to make product or technology decisions. You have access to the entire FileMaker Platform. This makes licensing FileMaker much easier. Whether you have a license for 5 users or for 5,000 users you have access to all the products and technologies to develop and deploy the best possible FileMaker apps.


Key components of the new FileMaker User Licensing Program are:

  1. Every license includes the entire FileMaker 17 Platform — FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and FileMaker Pro Advanced — which replaces FileMaker Pro — to give everyone access to advanced development and customization features.
  2. Start at 5, add in increments of 1 — the initial minimum quantity is 5 users, and you can add users in increments of 1.
  3. New FileMaker Data API — each license comes with unlimited inbound data transfer and 2 GBs of outbound data transfer, per user, per month — shared and tracked annually.
  4. All new contracts are managed under one license key — and the license key will not change over time making renewals and additions much easier to manage.


Plus, we continue to offer FileMaker Concurrent Connections Licensing and FileMaker Site Licensing for those customers that have specific needs for these programs, as well as individual licenses of FileMaker Pro Advanced.


On May 15, 2018, we are increasing prices for new customers. Current customers have until May 15, 2019 to renew existing contracts, and lock in FileMaker 16-based pricing for up to 3 years. After May 15, 2019, renewals will be at standard pricing. Emails are sent to customers explaining renewal options prior to contract expirations. If you have any questions on price changes, please contact FileMaker Sales or your preferred reseller partner.


Current customers with individual licenses of FileMaker Pro 14, 15, or 16 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, 15, or 16 are eligible to upgrade to FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 at what was the FileMaker Pro 16 upgrade price.


We believe the new FileMaker Licensing Programs are much easier to purchase and manage while providing a greater value to FileMaker customers. 


I invite you to learn more in the Licensing FAQ or contact us.