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The all-new FileMaker Server Admin Console has been redesigned to be more lightweight and to provide a simpler, responsive user interface that allows for easier viewing on different screen sizes and devices. As part of the redesign, some features have either been removed from the Admin Console or the functionality has been moved to either the command line interface (CLI) or FileMaker Admin API.


Removed features

The features and functionality listed below have not been implemented with the new Admin Console, and there is no equivalent functionality in the CLI or FileMaker Admin API.

  • Using administrator groups
  • Using the Technology Tests page
  • Registering file types for runtime solutions
  • Specifying a second additional database folder
  • Viewing log files on a Log Viewer page
  • Specifying the logging level for log files (limiting logs to errors instead of including both errors and warnings)
  • Specifying directory service settings
  • Viewing the database server statistics as a table and a graph
  • Viewing a table of client statistics
  • Grouping databases by subfolder on the Databases page
  • Enabling and disabling the Use HSTS for web clients setting
  • Enabling and disabling the Use SSL for database connections setting
  • Enabling and disabling all schedules on the Schedules page at once
  • Restricting Admin Console access to specific IP addresses
  • Converting a worker machine to a master machine without uninstalling
  • Using the Deployment assistant on a master machine
  • Viewing the time the server was started on the Dashboard page


Changed features

Below are features that are no longer in the Admin Console, but the functionality exists either in the CLI or FileMaker Admin API. For more information on changed features, reference FileMaker Server 17 Help.

  • The verify database and send message schedules were removed from the Admin Console. These types of schedules can be created using the FileMaker Admin API or imported from a prior version of FileMaker Server.
  • Checking the status of a running schedule was removed from the Admin Console. Schedule status information, such as the reason a schedule was not successful or scripting errors from FileMaker script schedules, is written to the event log (the event.log file).
  • The ability to create a certificate signing request (CSR) was removed from the Admin Console. To create a CSR, you can use a CLI command.


FileMaker Server 17 Help

For more information on the changes to the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console, view the new features section in FileMaker Server 17 Help.


Technical briefs

Read in-depth information on the changes to the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console written by FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partners. See attachments.