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    Mod 97-10? - IBAN Calculation



      Mod 97-10? - IBAN Calculation


      Hi again!

      I have managed to create an IBAN calculator on EXCEL using Mod97 splitting the modulus of the IBAN into 9 digits etc etc.

      The checksum is calculated from the following:

      Country Code

      Bank Code

      Bank Branch

      Account number

      The checksum are 2 digits that validate the code.

      IBAN:       GB00WEST 1234 5698 7654 32
      Rearrange:   W E S T12345698765432 G B00
      Modulus:    3214282912345698765432161100 mod 97 = 16  
      Check Sum: 98-16 = 82

      IBAN:       GB82WEST 1234 5698 7654 32

      I want to apply this to Filemaker and want to ask if anyone here has had experience somehow using Mod 97 if it is at all possible in Filemaker Pro 11.  

      I would rather not waste my time if it is not possible.