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    select multiple records



      select multiple records


      In table view, would like to select multiple records, either contiguous or non.

      Tried everything that works in Access, ie holding CTRL and selecting, holding SHIFT and scrolling down, but no joy.

      [Am learning FM, and mostly just need to delete these records as they are test imports, etc.]

      How is this accomplished?


       - Mike

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          By performing a Find? You "find" rather than select. Then you could delete the found set . . . For example.



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             That seems a bit awkward, but guess it's just the way it is.

            Ok, but leads right into my problem, and the reason for wanting to manually select records ...

            Am trying to delete records whose "id" fields are blank. Because the field is a popup menu based on a value list, the popup menu won't let me

            find blank/null records, it merely keeps popping up the menu when in Find mode.



             - Mike

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              Perhaps you could include "=" in your value list. This would find records with a blank field . . . Whatever field you like. I think I'm correct, but not one hundred percent sure.



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                It is possible to do what you describe, but not without specifically changing the design of your database table and layout to support it. A selection checkbox field can be added after first defining a field for it in your table. It's also possible to add a button that adds/removes the record's ID number to/from a global variable or global field. Conditional formatting can show which records are currently part of this list.

                For what you describe here, you may find it useful at times to omit the records you don't want to delete with the omit record and omit multiple records menu options, using delete found set after you've omitted the ones you want to keep.

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                       So there are no way to select multiple records by normal Shift/Ctrl-mouse clicks in a FMP-List table view as is "normal" for any other list-table views?

                       Strange I must say?