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    FileMaker Go for Android?



      FileMaker Go for Android?


      I would really like to use my FileMaker contacts database on my new Droid X.  I don't like the idea of syncing my contacts through external servers and I want to keep my data between my PC and Droid.

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          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, FileMaker Go will only work on the iOS operating system.

          Please enter this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


          Your suggestion will be read by our Development and Product Management departments where they will discuss and consider the suggestion.  Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are a couple of questions asked that only you can answer.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I am using Cellica Database for syncing my Filemaker Pro database with my Galexy tab.

            It is the only solution I found to get Filemaker Pro work with android devices.

            You can find it at, http://www.cellica.com/cellicadatabaseandroid.html

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              Try Memento (Android marketplace, publisher LuckyDroid). You can easily set up a flat file, and export the data as CSV, which can be imported into FMP. Sync's with Google Docs too. I know I've suggested a two (or three) step solution, but not bad once you get used to it... Maybe could be simplified with an AppleScript or Automator action, but I haven't bothered yet. And it's free!

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                Friendly Questions:

                Why did you buy a droid?

                How does it compare to the iPhone?

                If you could only have one, which would it be?

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                   All the android phones that I looked at have the voice dictation microphone show up every time the key borard comes up. The voice dictation on the droids have always been amazing. And with apple there has nearly been nothing untill recently with the siri. But you have to buy a new phone for that.
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                    Thanks. Of course, this being a Filemaker forum, one should point out that Filemaker has captured voice in a container field for centuries!

                    I don't have anything open in Go to check to see if it also captures voice.

                    HaHaHa! Depressing the home button for several seconds brings up a 'Voice Control' screen and I wondered what that was all about. So, I shouted a few times at it and found that "Close" worked. I tried 'burst into flames" and such but nothing happened. I suppose there is a help file on this?

                    I tried "Restart" and it gave me some lip about not being able to take calls. This might be fun?

                    Dragon Dictation has a free app for the iPhone and Touch. Now I have to try it... Darn, if I speak distinctly and clearly it his 100% in a short test. It got transliteration correct. Am I good, or what?

                    I have no idea what apps are available on Droid but Filemaker can handle csv, tabs, Excel Spreadsheets, xBase files (foxbase, access, dBase, etc) and a bunch of others. Check out the list when you import/export. If your Droid exports text chances are Filemaker can import it. Get the file onto your computer and then ask Filemaker to OPEN it.

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                           I've recently released an Android app, FMDroid, for accessing FileMaker databases.  It uses the XML publishing engine of FileMaker Server to connect and get information about your layouts and scripts.  FMDroid doesn't show colors, buttons, and other layout GUI elements like FileMaker Go, but it will give you basic access to add, delete, edit, sort, and search records, as well as the ability to download container data and run scripts.

                           I'm contantly working on improving the app, so let me know if you have any problems, feedback, or suggestions and I'll gladly listen and do my best to address them!

                      FMDroid on the Android Market

                           Edit: FMDroid is now free and support is done through Blue Feather, where I also do custom android app development with FileMaker

                      Blue Feather FileMaker and Android development

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                        Bueno are de verification.

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                          Of course, this being a Filemaker forum, one should point out that Filemaker has captured voice in a container field for centuries!

                          ...which makes it even more puzzling that the sound recording feature has been completely removed from FileMaker Advanced 13.

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                            FMI, you might consider creating FMGo for Android. There has been over 39000 views and counting on this one post.

                            Feature request can be made at http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html

                            You want to get FM attention then you need to make a request.

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                              Although I would love to run FMGo on Android I don't see it as a remote possibility:

                              - FileMaker is owned by Apple who have no interest in supporting Android devices

                              - iOS and OS X share the same architecture while Android is vastly different from Windows as well as OS X

                              - There is a lack of financial incentive (even the iOS version is now available for free after initially costing $30)

                              - 39000 thread views mean nothing considering Apple has sold the 500 millionth iPhone in 2014

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                                I disagree, 39000 view means a lot on a website that has nothing to do with Android, so 39000 people have went out of their way to research this.  Filemaker being owned by Apple didn't stop Apple from supporting Windows. ios and osx is vastly different from Windows.   No there not a lack of financial incentive, just a lack of Filemaker wanting to make Go a great product.  There are as many Android devices as there are ios devices.  Filemaker just needs to get on board with the future, Netflix didn't want to spend the money (millions) to setup servers to stream movies, but they did so they have stayed in business, unlike Blockbuster and a few other video companies.  If Filemaker get  Go where it needs to be with out all the bugs and add features such as syncing then users will buy.   Web Direct may address this issue and may make Go obsolete, but Filemaker still needs to invest the time and money to get the product there, which ever way they choice to go.  Making web direct accessible from FM and just not FMS.


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                                  Sharing data between PC and Droid is depend on the path which you use for sharing files like through bluetooth device and data cable. If you share through internet then sometimes it is not safe sharing corrupted or hacked by others easily.

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                                    Noticed this in the FM 14 Function Reference: the same function in FM 13 only returned 0 to 4. Note item 5.


                                    I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned it.




                                    Returns a number representing the type of computer or mobile device running the FileMaker product.





                                    Data type returned


                                    Originated in

                                    FileMaker Pro 13.0


                                    This function returns a number indicating the type of computer or mobile device currently running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker WebDirect, or the type of iOS device currently running FileMaker Go.


                                    • 0 for an unknown device
                                    • 1 for a Mac
                                    • 2 for a computer running Windows
                                    • 3 for iPad
                                    • 4 for iPhone or iPod touch
                                    • 5 for Android



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