Container External Storage Paths

Discussion created by JulioSandoval on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by easyaspi

Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced

                                   FileMaker Server

OS and version: macOS Sierra

Hardware: iMac & FMS Server running on Fully updated and patched Win Server 2012R2


After setting an full network path, both in the container Field Options AND the File -> Manage Container options,

none of my files are stored where I have told them to. I have tried multiple combination paths and nothing.


According to this post, the writer has the similar issue and could not find a solution.




How to replicate:

Make a network share (\\computername\ShareName$\)

Set your container path to network share.


You can also set the Container Field in the Field Options to 'Store container data externally' and under 'Open Storage' set your path to "filewin://computername/ShareName$/"


FileMaker does not throw any errors at all. So one would assume it accepts the path given. Try uploading images or files to your containers. Go to the network share and nothing is in there. But the container contents are present and available. Where is FileMaker server putting them?


We are going to be storing images for this solution and if we can't set a separate storage location, why is this option even available?


Thank you for your help.