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    FMS 11 Admin console will not launch




      I am really struggling to get FMS 11.0v3 admin console to launch on my new Windows Web Server 2008 R2. I have tried clearing java cache with no success. When i installed FMS it automatically installer Java 6 update 24. What else can i check to get this working?

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          What error are you getting?  I have had errors on several machines here, including the Filemaker Servers themselves, some of which can be cured by editing the Java file.



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            Thanks for your response. The initial admin console start page loads and gets to the page that says..."Click here if the Admin Console did not launch automatically."....I click this and nothing happens.

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              Are you able to launch the console from another machine?  I have had situations where the server is unable to launch the console, although in those cases Java threw an error of some kind, but other machines could launch it remotely.  The address is http://<server ip or DNS name>:16000

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                Thanks...i did have that thought at the back of my mind but thought i needed to set this up first on admin console for remote machines to access admin console....anyway it worked. I do hope filemaker get this thing with Java working...it is very frustrating.

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                  Like many users, we have been very frustrated with the various vesions of FileMaker Admin Tool and Java not getting along. We have also had cases where even uninstalling Jave and FileMaker, we could not use the console. Like one of the other posters mentioned, it would run for another machine; so that leads us back to the server setup.


                  In our case, we had turned off the Java updates (which we think is a great idea), and we also turned off the option in the Java Control Panel to keep temporary files. Our thinking is that if we didn't allow Java to save these files then it would be forced to pull a fresh copy each time- thus avoid the cache issue also mentioned in this thread.


                  The reality, we have observed is that FileMaker SAT will never work if this option is not selected and it still gives that crazy 'Unable to launch error'. To make the SAT work, you must keep enabled the option to 'Keep Temporary Files' in the Java Control Panel.

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                    We are about to chunk FM as a solution...there is no rhyme or reason as to why this happens.


                    We have put 2008 r2 into operation will full updates and the admin will fail...we have put 2008 r2 into operation with just enough services to make it run and the server admin will fail.


                    We have installed every version of Java along the way as well....the admin will still fail.


                    None of the Command Line functions will work when it fails, all we can do is a hard shutdown.


                    We have tested the server in about any config you can set up and have had the Admin Console run for 2 days, 5 days, 11 day and then it fails...nothing changes within the server, no updates, no backups, no Antiviurs nothing, just a FM Server hosting one file with one client access to try to find the problem.


                    I have read some posts that state that FM knows about this issue, but I never see any updates.


                    It really is getting annoying to have this problem continue at this level.

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                      what browser are you using? (when you try to use the FM console?)


                      were you able to actually deploy FileMaker server?


                      One last try you could do is:   uninstall Java, Uninstall Bonjour, uninstall Apple Software update. Go to windows services manager and Disable the Autotstart of the FMs Service. Reboot.


                      Then, find your FMs update folder, and reinstall from there Java and Bonjour.

                      Next, Force a re-deployment  (which also works when you loose your admin password) by following these steps: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6989/~/what-to-do-if-filemaker-server-admin-console-password-is-lost-or-forgotten


                      When you're done, you can change your FM Server Service back into automatic and start again.


                      (I've ran into a few of these glitches and this method worked. I wish somene would've told me all of this back then )


                      good Luck!

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                        We have used Chrome, Firefox, IE (8 & 9).


                        Please do not take this the wrong way...as nothing bad is implied: Look at all the steps you suggest. If we have to do this on all of our deployments each time we are unable to access the Admin Console, I would need a crew of 3 just running around to uninstall and reinstalling, turning off and turning on services etc


                        This happens on every server we have at some point.


                        I cringe everytime I dial-in to a server to do some work...will today be the day I am unable to access the Admin Console. And as I stated we have setup servers to test this issue on servers running nothing more than than the bare min to make them boot up and host FMS, to servers will everything you can think of  in place and patched to host FMS and they will all fail at some point in time...as I stated there is no rhyme or reason to the failure, one may run 2 days and then we have some that will run 3 weeks then "POOF" unable to acces the Admin Console.


                        The problem is at this point in time, is we have soooooo much money invested in FM products. But, we are currently working on a plan to migrate away from FM.


                        I have even gone as far as giving a couple of  people with more knowledge that me  remote access to our servers when we are unable to connect to the Admin Server, and they have also been unable to gain access via Command Line or any other method.

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                          I totally get that and I am not under any terms taking it the wrong way. I actually enjoy having this discussion becuase I've been there and I had to  fix it... several times .


                          In my personal experinece though... these "annomalies" have been triggered by updates. Java Updates and bojour updates (mainly). I don't have any knowledge about an OS update that would brake your deployment -- Other that Mac OS Lion until the FMS 11 v.4 -- big mess that one)


                          There is also a specific .jar that updates your Admin Console and enables it to funcion with most current java updates (but to my knowledge tha last FMs shoul've included that).


                          I've found that when you update a Windows based File MAker Server it usually crashes if you don't previously (and manually) stop the FMs Service, uninstall java, bonjour and apple update And Only then you proceed with the update. (at this point you wouldn't have to re-deploy)


                          Besides that, it functions decently depending on what is the purpose of the Database(s). You might struggle a bit if you're a web developer and you intend to have crazy traffic on that DB ( thousands/minute). But even that can be achieved with a good DB design


                          P.S. I'm not selling FM. I'm only  stating that if you already have it, there is good use for it .

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                            None of our servers update anything automatically, we thought that this was the issue when we first encounterd the Admin Console problem.


                            We have tried configs of FMS (10 & 11) with no updates, on Windows Server 2008 r2 with no updates and with every version of Java know to man and still will get the Admin Console issue sooner or later.


                            We have tried configs of FMS (10 & 11) fully updated on Windows Server 2008 r2 with every update available and with the latest version of Java and sooner or later they will fail as well.


                            It just seems that there are more out there than me having this issue and that FM would put out some type of information that this is a known issue and we are working on it....or, this is a Java issue and we are working with Sun to get a resolution.


                            However, as I am sure that you are aware, after having the same issues....nothing from FM?

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                              Since the introduction of the java based Admin Console in FMS 9  installation of server has become a “keep your fingers crossed” exercise.  90% of the time everything works ok but then things go wrong and the admin console will not work correctly.




                              In my experience the problems seem to involve java versions or updates or the presence of Microsoft Exchange on the server. Either console will not launch  of we find backups stop working, neither of which give a good look to the generally Filemaker agnostic IT departments we deal with.




                              In the last three years I cannot recall any problems with Filemaker client installations on Hundreds of computers.




                              Server Console is another matter and I have wasted many hours trying to fix Admin Console problems.




                              The cone of silence from Filemaker is frustrating. It would be nice to know the problem was acknowledged and something was being done to address it.




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                                There is frustratingly very little help / documentation / support in most aspects related to FileMaker Server.


                                Most of us have had to deal with by Painstaking Trials and Errors. And even though this is not the correct Topic for this... it only gets worse when you dive into the php api...


                                But, thankfully there is a comunity (much like this right here) that shares its experiences.


                                (I do keep my fingers crossed for FM 12 which promises many improvements )

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                                  Some of these answers seem off the subject. Which browser you are using has almost nothing to do with the issue that the independent Java applet for SAT can launch or not. In every case that I have seen the problem isn't getting the applet to launch, it's getting it to launch and not generate an error. In my mind once the Java app starts- it's beyond a question of which browser. We are aware of at least four scenerios were SAT will not run on the server, but it will launch from a remote system. We have several hundred clients and more servers than we like to think about and have struggled to keep them all were SAT will launch from the server.


                                  brandonford stated that he is close to giving up on FileMaker over this issue--- we hate to see anyone give up on FileMaker. We host FileMaker Server everyday and I would be happy to give you a 30 day trial on one of our Window Server 2008 systems to test FileMaker Server 11 and see if you can reproduce your issues. Just use the promo code 'trial' in the shopping cart at worldcloud.com/clients No hidden costs, no contract requirements. We just value good feedback and the community is helped by addressing these issues together.


                                  I have had extended converstations with some of the guys at FileMaker and although the tech support guys are clueless, the guys working on server development are very aware of these issues and have a roadmap to address them. I don't want to say exactly what I was told because of NDA aggreements, but from what I understand their roadmap for changes in the Server Admin will include at least the next two release cycles. I get the impression that share our frustration with these issues and at the root of the issue is not FileMaker coding, but Java behavior changes. I can see light at the end of this tunnel... finally!


                                  My last point is that even in the midst of Java issues, the command line interface is solid; and with just a few commands you can often deal with your issues using CLI.

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                                    hehehe The browser question was about how the console is launched. When you try to launch it from IE, it generally installs a shortcut on the desktop, the other browsers, simply put the jar in your default download folder and I may remain hidden (and does not launch) if the user ignores the dialog... (but from the answer I assumed it was not the case...)


                                    It's a sensible issue if you have to relay only on the command line to address your FMS issues and the functionlity is far more difficult for a wide range of users (setting schedules for example may get ugly) --  also a challenge when your server is not accessible by RDC, Telnet / SSH command line because of security considerations (User Rolee) - hardware placement, etc... etc...


                                    Given the design, marketing and overall tendency of filemaker My impression is that the Command Line Interface should be a "last resort" kind of thing.

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