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Hi. I have a text formatted date in mysql table that is from PayPal. I need to make a calc field to get it as a normal date field or something more reliable as a filemaker date format.   payment_date: 12:17:41 Feb 22, 2018 PST   my calcs so far:   payment_date_get_as_date: Feb 22, 2018 the calc: MiddleWords ( payment_date ; 2 ;
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Ok call me stupid or ignorant whatever you want but it is time I ask this question for my own edification. I am asking this because I cannot find a straight answer in my beloved Filemaker help files or at least one that makes since to me.   I have been using Filemaker Go to bind Solutions for iPads. But today I simply installed a Solution
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I've got a script I'm writing that searches for certain criteria and then needs to apply a tax calculation to the records that meet the criteria. In this instance there are are two or three different taxes that can be selected. The script will run through and calculate each of those taxes and return the value in a field. I can't get it to sum all