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uLearnIT (David Head) is running Get Started with FileMaker Pro in Brisbane, Queensland. It is a two day introduction to FileMaker development covering everything you need to know about creating a custom FileMaker solution.   The class is scheduled for Brisbane on Monday-Tuesday, 23-24 October. The class is great value at $990.   Course

Beezwax has released a new version of our powerful FileMaker search tool, LOgiCATOR.  This is a major release — fully optimized for easy integration.   LOgiCATOR is: the modern, powerful yet intuitive search UI your FileMaker apps need fully modular and easy to integrate a pioneering example of a new way to add lightweight,
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Hi Folks,   I am rewriting from scratch a solution (Patient Outcome Data) I did in FMP9. It has been updated throughout the years, and has gained some things I need to get rid of.   My concern is I have quite a few calculation and summary fields that enable me to display the charts and statistics I need.  Presently, I have a