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So I've worked on a few solutions that contain multiple files and CWP or WebDirect and have noticed that there is a general tendency among developers to use a shared login approach to related files.  That is, storing a 'system' user in multiple FileMaker files whose purpose is to explicitly grant access to users logging into an entire
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Our system predates me by a big chunk and I have been tasked to make a report about it for the new Chair. I'm trying to be factual but I have only pieces of info and I need to extrapolate the story. Trying to reconstruct the timeline. To be sure I don't put my foot in my mouth, I need to verify a few things. I seek answers for the two questions in
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I have ask similar to this before.   I have one Table called ACCOUNTS TABLE with DEPOSIT SLIP, CHECK, CHECK REGISTER, AND ACCOUNTS PAYABLE  as Layouts.   ACCOUNTS PAYABLE is a compilation of Account Names with corresponding Acct#.   When I write a check, I want to type the ACCT# and have it populate the ACCOUNT NAME from