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I have made a database in FileMaker that I have been giving access to users with FileMaker go. The demand for access though was much higher then I expected I would like to meet the demand. I am assuming that the best way to proceed would be to setup a website that uses FileMaker server as a back end, local or hosted. This is all new to me though

Hi everyone! I really need your help here. Since 2010 I was working in the Access, and built a database in order to store and access information easily and from every place with an internet connection. In the begging it was a custom website, afterwards I used SharePoint to access the information easily. At some point I left the project, and was
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I'm running FMPA on a 1-person standalone computer, and occasionally I get up and walk away from my machine for extended periods of time (15 minutes to several hours), leaving my database files open to the places where I've been working on them so they're waiting for me when I return. This never used to be a cause for concern, but