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  GitHub GitHub - frudens/fmsimplecalendar: fmSimpleCalendar is a solution that displays a calendar in FileMaker’s Web viewer.   Blog Published fmSimpleCalendar to Github | frudens Inc. fmSimpleCalendar ( Calendar solution for FileMaker developers ) | frudens Inc.   Challenging FullCalendar v4 JavaScript + Golang +
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Sort of a general question:   Is there any way to get a count of the number of elements in an array?   So if I have: $blah[1] = "hi" $blah[2] = "there"   is there any way in FMP to find out that there are 2 elements in this array?   If not, what's the best way to loop through an array if you don't know how many elements
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Julio Toledo
Just added a few new FileMaker custom functions we'd like to share with the community for the New Year. Happy coding!   #new custom-functions 'GetMajorVersion' extracts Major application version number (as string) from version string. This function is intended to evaluate file names, server application version,  API versions, global
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I've been working with Filemaker for over 6 years now and scripting finds still drives me up the wall.   I have a table which lists all orders. The first thing I want, is to filter the orders based on time so I can see a specific time window. I do this with the Perform Find function with "Order::Date > $startdate" which I then further