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Froodware released version 2.7 of their contacts plugin, a plugin that enables Filemaker users to exchange data between Apple's Contacts (iCloud) and Filemaker Pro solutions. New in this version is the option to exchange images between Apple's Contacts and a Filemaker Pro solution. Now you can also sync the pictures of each contact in both

Wer hat Interesse an einem FileMaker Entwicklertreffen am 27. oder 28. Juni 2018 in Hamburg?   Einfach in gemütlicher Runde treffen in einem netten Restaurant und beim Abendessen was über FileMaker schnacken. Vielleicht habt ihr ja auch Fragen und Probleme, wo ich helfen kann?   Zeit wäre ca. 18 bis 22 Uhr, so dass man
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The purpose of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is to plan out the relationships between entities in your data model. An ERD uses special symbols to demonstrate a kind of relationship between two entities: one-to-many, many-to-many, one-to-one. It can even get more specialized in showing the number of required records in a table (0 or more, 1
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Hi,   I do use the forum every sometimes when I am stuck with something. I have noticed that people here are very helpful but most of the time I find really hard to apply the solution to my questions. I live in London and I was wondering if there is any member that live in town who would like to offer private tuitions. Most of the time I
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レコードを幾つか切り替えて、レコードのWebビューアー内に自動でWebが表示されて、そのまま別作業でウィンドウに隠れてしばらく気がつかなかったのですが、 どこかのWebビューアーで見ているサイトでしょうか、Filemakerでこんなアラートが出たのですが、どうすれば良いでしょうか?   環境:MacOS 10.11.6, Filemaker Pro Advanced
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Hi All I am completely baffled when it comes to the new Json functions. I'm going insane trying different permutations. I can resolve it using the old text parsing functions but I am assured the new Json functions is far easier!! Can someone please guide me as to how I can use Json to parse these three sample Wofoo Form entries into 3 separate
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Okay so I am just getting the fact that two of FileMakers salesmen lied to me about the contents of the developers subscription . I called twice before purchasing and was told both times that this subscription included filemaker16 advanced along with FileMaker 16 server for one year . I was upset to find out latter that it only provided
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I have a calculation field and script that creates an ICS file and exports the field, creating a personal calendar entry. It works fine on the Mac desktop, but gives an error under FileMaker Go on the iPhone: "Alert: This invitation data is out of date."   Oddly, on the iPhone if I email the file to myself, then open, it works!   This is