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Hello all, I have a valuelist that contains textvalues starting with "CD", like "CD3", "CD5", "CD19". This same Valuelist also contains textvalues that do not start by "CD" (but that may contain numerals), like "TRAIL-R1". I'd like to derive a list based on this ValueList in which all the "CD" containing values are placed up front, ordered 
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Hello,   I am trying to create a report with a sub summary base on monthly dates. i need the fields(e.g things purchased) that all fall under the month/year to be categorized together and so on. i have tried sorting my sub summary by my dates but it does not work. i have tried creating a field and using this calculation that i've found on
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First, a bit of background. One of my long term clients had their email hacked. It had nothing to do with FileMaker. They switched to an Office365 setup and got hacked again. Also not FileMaker related. As a result of multiple hacks, they hired an IT company to ensure it couldn’t happen again. Multiple levels of security were added including