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HI.  Just imported my Bento info into Filemaker 17.  All text in all fields are way too small.  Is there any way to globally increase the size of text in the entire database?  Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.

I have a button that does the same thing on a couple of layouts. The only thing that changes is the TOs names. I thought I could pass them as a parameter and simply build the reference like $TO & "::g_listeChoisie" for example.   The script itself is pretty simple so I did not think it would be so complex to dry code it!   I
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Hi all!   So I have a layout with multiple tabs, each with a portal within them. Clicking on a button within a portal takes the user to the related record. I'm looking for a way to capture the active tab into a global variable when I leave layout 1, so when the user hits the "back to list" button on the related record's layout, we can go
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As we all know Filemaker is a lot slower on the native FM client compared to a Webdirect solution. This is because all calculations are made on the server when using Webdirect, while the FM client is sending and recieving data to do the same calculations. (Or least, this is what I have learned. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)   A list with