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I haven't really seen anything like this so I thought I would share to get opinions on this technique.   The problem speed. I have a solution that would sync large amount of records of data to an iOS device.  Normally speed wasn't an issue doing small updates where only some records would change.  The problem was when the update

Hi,   I'm struggling with dates (again!) Set System Format On doesn't seem to work. I've never knowingly had my Windows 2016 server running any other date than dd/mm/yyyy and yet I get dates in mm/dd/yyyy.   Is there anyway of forcing a date format on a file?
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Having issues with the launch of filemaker go and web direct in my solution. Both web direct and go function perfectly when on the same wifi network as the server but outside the network they don't connect. I have another solution that is hosted on the same machine where connecting to it from go does work. Connecting to any of the solutions via