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Update 2018 Sept 21, 12:10 Pacific:   Bad news:   While writing a companion Custom Function to handle setting values with dots chars in the keys, I realized that the technique used in these Custom Functions will break whenever there is a numeric value in the JSON which contains a decimal point.  (The escaping mechanism used to

As you may know the FileMaker Server comes with a copy of apache web server software. You can use the apache web server to host and deliver files for download. So if you copy a file to /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/ folder on your server, you can than point to that file with the URL of your server with folder and file name attached.
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Hi folks, Another day, another question.   How can you calculate (convert) a UNIX timestamp "1537476113" to an FMP understandable timestamp without using any timezone conversion. The timestamp is from New York so I don't want to convert it to my local time here in Belgium.   I tried, without success: GetAsTimestamp ( (GetAsNumber
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Using Filemaker Pro 16.  Had a developer create a Filemaker script that passes a zip code to google maps through the API and returns the lat and long coordinates so that we can calculate local time from the time zone.  This has stopped working.  In my debugging it now looks like I get the error:  'Requests to this API must be