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I am looking for general implementation advice. I originally addressed this to an individual user, who suggested I put it in discussions.   I am an in-house. Our business has grown to the extent that we are about to expand into something of a franchise.  It is happening fast.   We are going to require all businesses within our

As my database gets larger, I am running into issues with my remote devices slowing down when working with the file.  I have tried a few things, such as indexing, but do you have any other basic suggestions?    Also, I have pallets of products listed in my inventory that get used up and expended, and are of no use except for basic
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The price for a grade 1,2,3 fabric =$1600 for a specific sofa.  If a customer selects a grade 4,5,6 the price jumps $105 to $1705.  If a grade 7,8,9 fabric is selected the price jumps another $105 to $1810 and on and on.   Can you help create the calculation?   Thank you.
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Hello FileMaker pros!   I posted this in discussions, but got no replies, so I must have posted it in the wrong place:   I have created a very basic database for a solo plastic surgery medical practice. I plan to have two iPads in the practice: one for the waiting room / check in for patients, and one for the provider in the exam room. I
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I have read that the [Classic] theme is very bad but our file, created in v12, will not let me remove it even after I have changed all layouts to newer theme.  Is there any way to remove it even if it means some sort of hack?  Or are we just stuck with it forever?